New stores open on a weekly basis in Square One Shopping Mall, a lot of them are food based, however the popular location is now home to a new Swedish clothing store: COS.

Collection Of Style is an upscale/casual clothing store, which is owned by parent company H&M – which can also be found within Square One. This is the fifth COS store in Canada, three of which are within the GTA.

The new store occupies a space of over 5000 ft, so this is no small area of outfits to gloss over. It’s a brilliant white store with a jutting exterior and many windows, giving it an ultra modern look.

COS describes their line currently within the store as “a wide product range that is divided into a number of different concepts, incorporating fashion essentials, reinvented classics and modern trends for men and women.” That might sound like some PR talk and like every other store but COS has some great pieces for both men and women worth checking out.

The selection of clothing currently on sale is for Fall, and thus utilises a grey, green, and cream colour palette. The company says their current line was inspired by architecture and thus has some interesting angles and cuts, which experiment with light and shadows.

Collection of Style (COS) is open for business inside Square One Mall, and can be found on the second floor, near Gucci, Rolex, and Tiffany. Square One is constantly evolving and improving and COS seems like it will be a perfect addition to the mall.