A unique new dessert store has opened at 516 Curran Place, Mississauga, right in the heart of the city.

ZenQ is a chain of stores that originated in Taiwan before branching out to Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and then Canada. ZenQ is not your run-of-the-mill Asian dessert chain however, it is “mandated to infuse traditional desserts with new life.” That means you can expect bubble tea but made with 100% fresh, local ingredients and unique flavourings.

Types of bubble tea available at ZenQ include Pearl Milk Tea, Winter Melon Tea, Jasmine Green Milk Tea, and plenty more. ZenQ also offers an entire array of other drinks as well, from Grass Jelly Latte and Oreo Cocoa Ice Diamond, to Longlan Jujube Tea and even a handful of tofu pudding drinks! On top of that there are also ice teas, milkeshakes, yogurt drinks, and fresh juice beverages. Suffice to say, no matter what your poison, ZenQ has you well and truly covered.

What ZenQ specialises in however, is grass jelly desserts. If you’re like me however, you might be wondering what grass jelly is. Well, it’s made by boiling the stalks and leaves of mesona chinensis with starch for several hours. No additives are used in the process and the resulting jelly is apparently a good way to rid the body of excess heat – sounds perfect for a hot summer day.

So, ZenQ offers a number of grass jelly dishes, some that come with Q balls, sweet potato, red beans, green beans, and some with tofu pudding. You can have these unique desserts hot or cold, both are surprisingly delicious but I prefer the cold because it retains the texture of the jelly. ZenQ also offers rice pudding, shaved ice cream, creamy frappe, coconut pudding, waffles, and sago.

As if all that was enticing enough, ZenQ goes out of its way and also offers a hot food menu that includes crispy chicken, sweet potato fries, curry fish balls, King oyster mushrooms, deep fried tofu, braised pork, deep fried octopus balls and lots more. ZenQ has an incredible menu that truly offers something or everyone. If you have a sweet tooth, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot, and if not, the hot food menu is pretty great too!