Mississauga is well established as a haven for foodie’s, and Port Credit is no exception. The small stretch of town is renowned for it’s vibrant night life and plethora of restaurants options that span the spectrum of taste, from Indian to Italian, Greek to Irish, and range in intimacy from tiny candelit rooms to pool halls.

One of the things Port Credit is best known for, is it’s stunning array of burgers. The town boasts burger-specific eateries like The Burger’s Priest, The Works, and Harvey’s, but many of it’s signature restaurants also cook-up a mean patty; The Crooked Cue, Fired-Up!, and Snug Harbour to name a few.

Which of those spots serves up the best burger in town is always a hotly debated issue amongst locals, so it’s unsurprisingly huge news when a new burger joint opens its door and puts a stake in the ground. Which is exactly what’s happened with the newest eatery to open in Port Credit; Rosie’s Burgers!

Rosie’s Burgers has occupied the spot at 61 Lakeshore Road East, next door to Shore Bar & Grill. And the best thing about Rosie’s is the sheer simplicity: Rosie’s Burgers makes burgers, fries, shakes, and cookies. Their signature burger comes in a single, double, or beyond, all of which include lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles, and house sauce.

You can order fries, poutine, or pickles as sides, add extra bacon or cheese, and wash it all down with a vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate shake. It’s a very simple menu that is reminiscent of some of Toronto’s very best burger joints. Rosie’s considers itself a master of the burger trade and feels no need to do other things and we’re all about that.

So The Burger’s Priest and The Works has some real competition on its hands with Rosie’s Burgers open now in Port Credit. We highly recommend giving it a shot this summer!