In very exciting news, it seems Port Credit will soon be home to a new restaurant, and it will be the first of its kind in the area!

A new Japanese fusion restaurant will be coming to Port Credit sometime in 2019! This is pretty big news because, despite the area boasting more restaurants than one could shake a proverbial stick at, Port Credit has always lacked a distinct Asian palette. Well, that’s all about to change soon with the inception of a new Japanese fusion restaurant from some very special minds!

As if that news weren’t exciting enough, what makes it a really big deal, is that the brains behind Nomad’s will be the ones to open the restaurant! The Harvey brothers, Mike and Jonathon, spear-headed (with plenty of help) the opening of Nomad’s in Port Credit, after the success of their Danforth location. Since it’s inception, the restaurant has quickly become Mississauga’s #1 casual bar/eatery amongst the 19-35 demographic.

Here’s what we had to say about Nomad’s in a Spotlight from a few months ago. The Harvey brothers have created and run one of Mississauga’s hottest and genuinely best resto-bar’s, and we’re very excited for what they can bring to the Japanese scene!

Their new restaurant, which is set to be called Bonsai, is the result of a gap in the market. The brothers recognized the lack of Japanese food in the area and seek to change that, with a heavy focus on sushi!

They have also identified the Stavebank/Lakeshore road area as the perfect spot for the restaurant, though it’s unclear exactly where. It’s exciting regardless because that area has recently undergone construction, with the old CIBC location being torn down, so it’s nice to know something new is on the way!

No official opening date has yet been provided, nor has any official construction work begun, but we can assume it will be a late 2019 opening! We’ll keep you updated with any further developments!