As the years roll on it gets easier and easier to find quality vegetarian and vegan food in Mississauga. Any person with such a diet will tell you how difficult it was even a decade ago to find food to suit them, but restaurants are getting with the times.

Port Credit already plays host to a wonderful vegan restaurant by the name of Raw Aura, but there’s plenty room for more. As such, we’re excited to relay the news that a brand new restaurant will be opening soon and it will offer a wealth of vegetarian and gluten-free options!

Nourish Moi has no official opening date as of yet, but the restaurant is guaranteeing fresh foods with no preservatives or refined ingredients. The mantra of the restaurant is that top-notch, healthy foods can make a true impact on your life and improve you inside and out. The head chef that will operate the restaurant, is also the person opening it. And here’s what she had to say about the soon-to-be restaurant on her Instagram:

“After years of crafting all my favourite recipes to perfection, I am excited to announce that I finally decided to take everyone’s advice and open my own restaurant! [Port Credit/Mississauga] – Cooking delicious and nourishing foods has always been my passion and I cannot wait to share it with the world. I am in the midst of all the planning and there is a lot of hard work and time behind this process, so I cannot release an opening date as of yet. Stay tuned for more information!”

The best restaurants are the ones in which the head chef is incredibly passionate and love what they do, and that is most certainly going to be the case at Nourish Moi. We’re always happy to report on new restaurant openings and we’re doubly excited to tell you about Port Credit’s newest vegetarian and vegan restaurant, opening in the near future at 229 Lakeshore Road East!

Vegan Restaurant Port Credit Nourish Moi