Port Credit is an area of the city that is developed, thriving, and constantly growing. New businesses open and old ones thrive thanks to the area retaining its small town feel and small business ethos. It’s something the locals feel very strongly about, to the point where they will protest any major labels attempting to enter the area, such as Walmart.

And, while the Lakeshore Road west of Port Credit is currently undergoing a massive transformation that will almost double the town’s size, the eastern side of things remains somewhat underdeveloped. That’s why when any new businesses and apartments start construction we love to tell you about it.

And such is the case with Bobacha Cafe and Snack Bar. This new store, located at 259 Lakeshore Road East, is actually the first bubble tea brand to make its way to Port Credit, and we’re incredibly excited to welcome it. Here’s a little more information about the store from their Facebook page:

Here to Bridge Cultures. We serve drinks and desserts ranging from Milk Teas, Real Fruit Teas & Smoothies, Coffee, Cakes/Waffles & Gelato. We operate out of a contemporary, modern designed café. Come enjoy some good drinks, good desserts & good vibes.

The store is instantly recognisable from its black and gold exterior, but inside it’s all brilliant white walls, with some fauna to add some colour and nature. As for what you can order, Bobacha Cafe specialises in milk and fruit teas, but it also offers smoothies, slushies, lattes, espressos, some Oreos, desserts, and even a waffle bar! It really is a great snack bar, equipped with some tables and seats so you can take a load off.

We’ve been waiting a while for Bobacha Cafe to open, ever since the brand’s logo appeared in the windows of the vacant space. And now it’s here and is a great addition the area. So head to 259 Lakeshore Road East today and give it a shot!