Up until last year, Atomic Cherry was the only tattoo shop located right in Port Credit. There are a few within touching distance, be it Artistic Integrity, Lighthouse Tattoos, or Pleasure and Pain Ink, but Atomic Cherry was the one found right in the heart of main street. That changed however when Atomic Cherry decided to move premises to Burlington.

That left Port Credit with a tattoo sized hole in its heart, but little did we know that there actually is a tattoo shop still alive and thriving in Port Credit, it’s just a little hidden.

Blvckmoon Tattoos is a tattoo shop that can be found in Port Credit, specifically at 1 Stavebank Road, Unit #4. It’s difficult to find because it’s located above the Army Surplus Store, but it certainly ranks as one of Port Credit and Mississauga’s hidden gems.

Port Credit Tattoo Shop

Blcvkmoon Tattoos is open Monday through Friday, from 12-7PM. The shop itself is nice and simple looking, and, most importantly, clean as a whistle. Many tattoo shops are intimidating and not particularly welcoming, but that cannot be said about Blvckmoon.

It operates with a number of artists, all of whom offer various different styles at varying experience levels. To check out their output thus far, head to the Blvckmoon Tattoos Instagram page.  Jtatz is one such artist at Blvckmoon Tattoos and he specialises in greyscale animal and geometric designs, some of which include lions, wolves, octopus, and owls. If you’re in the market for an animal design, this guy is superb.

As mentioned however, he’s just one artist at Blvckmoon Tattoos, so be sure to check out their Instagram page for more designs. Finding the right tattoo artist and shop can be hard, but Blvckmoon Tattoos in Port Credit believe that quality should cost a little more, and that is 100% true. While it may be a little hard to track down, Blvckmoon Tattoos in Port Credit is well worth seeking out!