By Monica Kucharski

Port Credit is one of Mississauga’s more closely knit neighbourhoods, where local businesses are part of the community.   Cousin’s Market has been Port Credit’s popular, family-owned grocery store for the last 40 years, and is currently undergoing a major renovation to become an even bigger—and a more health-oriented—hub for its growing customer base.

“Our customers have been coming to this store for generations because they want fresh, local ingredients, premium brands and delicious, prepared meals that they can’t get at any of the big chain stores,” said Gus Battaglia in a Mississauga News interview.  Gus, along his brothers Mark and Anthony, owns and operates the store.  “We still hold to a long-time tradition of sourcing the best local fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses every day.”

So, what can you expect to see from this $3 million renovation? An additional 3,000 square feet of indoor shopping with a state-of-the-art commercial chef’s kitchen where daily meals-to-go are made with nongenetically modified and organic ingredients, for a start.

The renovation also includes an expanded meat department with free-range, hormone-free and organic meats and wild-caught fish, a new deli and cheese department, and a new bulk food department with emphasis on healthy foods like nuts, seeds, snack mixes, dried fruits, and granola.

And for those shoppers want to linger and chat, there will be a new eat-in dining area with a new salad bar, a soup island, and stone-oven pizzas.

The shop’s façade is also getting a facelift.  Its updated appearance will make the store fit better with the modern-but-rustic ambiance of the Port Credit neighbourhood.

We think patriarch Pasquale Battaglia who opened the store in 1978 with his two cousins, would approve of this fitting upgrade!