Ladies, gentlemen, and everything in between, sometimes we take for granted just how good our public transport is here in Mississauga. Sure, sometimes buses are late, and they’re overcrowded, and there’s no Wi-Fi on them, but compared to a lot of other countries, our buses and trains run like a Swiss watch.

Seriously, being from another country and having lived in places besides Canada, I can attest that this is the finest public transport I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking. It’s super cheap, reliable, and well-kept. Perhaps the best aspect of it however, is that the fine folk at MiWay and Presto are not resting on their laurels, no they’re constantly striving to improve by adding new bus routes, newer buses, and new services.

Which brings us to today’s topic, the brand new Presto app. The new app launched recently and is available on iOS and Android. The sleek new app takes over from the Presto website, but adds some new features and streamlines the process.

Mississauga Presto App

One appealing feature is the ability to manage ten different Presto cards, so you can have the whole family’s Presto under the same app. From there you can load your cards using your debit or credit card, as well as Apple Pay.

If loading your cards on a regular basis is a pain, you can set each card to automatically renew at different price points each week or month. It’s a significantly easier way to manage your Presto cards, but it still takes 24 hours to load money to the cards if you’re in iPhone (although the app is still in beta, so hopefully that changes). So if you’re in a hurry, still opt to top-up the card at a station or loading machine. Android users can get their moolah on their cards right away!

You can also set the app to send you notifications when your card is running low. So, clearly, if you’re a frequent user of public transport, whether it’s MiWay buses, the trains, or even the subway downtown, this app will make your life easier. You can download the beta PRESTO App now from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.