After 33+ years of serving Port Credit and the surrounding communities, it is with great sadness that I announce the closing of Private Moments Lingerie and Ladies Wear.  It gives me great pleasure in knowing that almost three generations of gals have been fitted with all kinds of unmentionable garments!  From bras to shapers, stockings to sleepwear.  The latest and newest were always available and I must say I did pride myself in staying current.


In 1985, I said that I would never, ever, never, never, never be in the bra business! And anyone that has been in would say I certainly fooled me; bras are everywhere.  But saying that, it was you the customer that made my business.  You asked, and I got it in and we were both successful at what we wanted.  Me, making a comfortable living and you looking and feeling stellar.

Port Credit has changed a lot. No more the sleepy hollow that it was 34 years ago.  Things were a lot different then.  Slower traffic, slower service and slower lifestyles.  That was the norm.  And now is now.  The town (us) has embraced change.  We can see by all the new developments springing up.  New people will move in and appreciate the area just as we did in the day.

Movement and change are inevitable.

And I too will move on.  Many have, and many will.

The cycle of life, I guess.  I will miss my job, the gals, senior and young.  Chubby and fit, friendly or troubled.  You all became like family.  Babies came and grew up and aging parents passed, again the cycle of life.  And so, it is with great appreciation and affection that I say so long and thanks for the memories!

I think the Germans had it right at Aufwiedersehn!