William F. White International Inc., Canada’s prominent film and TV company, has expanded their Whites Studios facilities and will include a location in Mississauga on Edward Boulevard. The move promises job creation along with revenue generation.

Whites Studios Edwards Boulevard will be a 151,000 square-foot facility with four stages.  This full-service studio location, scheduled to open in 2020, re-affirms that Mississauga is open for filming.

Last year, Century Studios opened its 82,000 square foot production facility in Mississauga.  The City also welcomed CBS Television Studios – a new 260,000 square foot space scheduled to open later this year.

These studios add to Mississauga’s diverse, vibrant and creative scene which has attracted numerous award-winning film and television hits such as The Handmaids Tale, The Umbrella Academy, Schitt’s Creek, Black Mirror, The Shape of Water, Room and many more.

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With a population that is approaching 800,000 residents, Mississauga is a diverse, young and growing knowledge-based innovative ecosystem that is constantly expanding. As transit options are expanding across the Greater Toronto Area, booming culture and event scenes, sports arenas, dazzling waterfront and more than 327 kilometres of trails – the City is becoming a more attractive to prospective businesses, organizations and companies across the world.