Sunday September 24th marked the rededication of the newly restored CF-100 in Malton.  Amidst bagpipes and fan-fair, the city and residents reaffirmed their respect and commitment to Malton’s CF-100.

After a short video presentation of the restoration work at City Council September 13th, Carolyn Parrish asked that council formally recognize the CF-100 as a heritage monument and that the city apply to the federal government to have it deemed a federal heritage monument to assure the plane receives long standing protection and recognition.

Councillor Carolyn Parrish spearheaded the restoration project earlier this year, after residents raised noise over the possibility that the CF-100 would have to come down due to poor structural integrity.

Parrish sourced metal restoration company Jim Hurlburt and Sons, and began another fundraising project to come up with the $85,000 worth of funds necessary to complete the work. Malton natives, Joe Iannelli and Mike McCarthy of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries were quick to offer support and labour for the project as well as several major financial benefactors who contributed.

The rededication of the CF-100 comes on the heels of several other recent, Malton related aviation industries stories to hit the news.

In April, local Magellan Aerospace announced that the sale of their local plant and property but would be leasing a brand new manufacturing facility that was to be rebuilt on the same site.

Late June, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries announced it was opening up 60 spots in its industry leading Structural Airplane Apprentice Program. The program, supported by the Ontario Manufacturing Learning Consortium, saw 21 out of 22 individuals who successfully completed the program last year get hired full time by MHICA.

Most recently, news surfaces of the discovery of a 3 metre long Avro Arrow test model in the waters of Lake Ontario on September 8th.  The discovery of the model is almost 60 years after the first flight test. The fighter jet was a magnificent achievement of engineering, ingenuity and performance that was cast away. It is a story of lost opportunity and unrealized potential that lead to the near collapse of Canada’s aerospace industry with tens of thousands of Canadian jobs lost.

Today, the CF-100 perched over Derry Road is not just symbolic of Malton’s  historical contribution to the aerospace industry, but also stands as a monument of Canada’s perseverance in innovation and technology.