For those who had life goals of setting or breaking a world record, this story may be an inspiration for you to continue working at your dream. As an 11-year old from Mississauga, recently broke a unique world record.  

That’s right! 11 year old Sankavi Rathan from Mississauga broke a world record. On August 1, Sankavi solved 30 3D combination puzzles in less than an hour, while hula hooping — beating the previous record of 25 cubes solved.The record took Rathan less than an hour to break.

Rathan said “I knew how to hula hoop at a very young age, but only recently learned how to solve a rubik’s cube. 

I decided to combine hula hooping and rubik’s cubing just for fun, but once I got good at it my parents suggested that we should apply for a Guinness world record.It took a little bit of practise at first, but once I kept going I got better at it.” 

For all of the struggles that 2020 has brought with the ongoing pandemic, it is always great to see that people within Mississauga are taking the time to pick up a new skill. Like Sankavi mentioned how she had only recently learned how to solve a rubik’s cube. It just goes to show that if you put your mind to it, you truly can do anything and Sankavi is proof of that.