For those who have recently called Mississauga their home, there are a number of initial challenges associated with starting out in a new country. However, the biggest challenge with settling in is not knowing about the resources available to you in order to get that head start.

We know that this can be difficult, which is why we have scoured across Mississauga to ensure you have the best tools to succeed. So here are some of the best resources for newcomers to Mississauga.

1Costi Immigrant Services

COSTI offers a range of services and opportunities arising out of specific needs in the community. From employment services to housing and citizenship consultation.

The organization has strong support from a wide and extremely diverse constituency across Ontario. With a wide array of services being offered you might find it helpful to go to a COSTI location near you.

2Joint App

This application created by Mississauga resident Kushi Kaur, helps international students easily access immigration lawyers and other advisors to help streamline their immigration process. The application’s main goal is to provide new immigrants with the necessary advice, while also providing a cost efficient solution to those in need.

The application is still in its early days, as the application is being iterated to ensure that the user experience is seamless. What that means though is that new user experiences are always welcome.

3Mississauga Library Services

The Mississauga library system offers a wide array of free programs for the entire family. From story time and basic language learning opportunities for the kids to tax and citizenship help for the adults. There is a program for everyone at a low to no cost.

The library programs also provide you with a great way of getting to know the community around you. As you will become immersed with a wide array of individuals from different backgrounds, thus ensuring you get the opportunity to network and build relationships.

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4Mississauga Newcomer Information Centre 

For those looking for additional options for support, the newcomer information centres are a great way to integrate to your new surroundings. The centres offer an array of different classes that can help you get on your feet.

From settlement information to employment services, the newcomer centres ensure that you are prepared for your new life in Canada. As there are many centres across Ontario, you’ll be able to get easy access to any information you seek.