Mississauga plays home to a massive amount of restaurants, both casual and upscale, but few are as fancy, impressive, and memorable as 17 Steak House and Bar.

Located along 5165 Dixie Road, not too far from the 401 Express, 17 Steak House and Bar is within a fairly unassuming plaza. The exterior of the restaurant is completely at odds with the interior, which is one of the most stunning, beautiful restaurants you’ll ever lay eyes on.

The restaurant is 32,000 square feet, covering two floors, and seats a whopping 300 people. Even though it seats hundreds of people, the restaurant is far from cramped and has a fantastically open atmosphere; while being incredibly upscale and fancy, 17 Steak House also manages to feel relaxed thanks to the space and design.

The interior is ultra modern with a sleek black bar with red lighting, fresh-water aquarium, relaxed booths, eye-catching carpets, dramatic flowing curtains, and dazzling chandeliers. Honestly, it looks like something from a James Bond movie. Often modern design can look cold and uninviting but 17 Steak House manages to avoid this trap.

What’s on the menu though? Well first of all, the menu is LED lit, which makes it significantly more memorable than other menu’s. The lunch menu consists of appetisers, salads, entree salads, sandwiches, pasta, and lunch steaks. The appetisers are mostly seafood; Seared Scallops, Lobster Bisque, and Shrimp Cocktail, as well as the Daily Soup, and Beef Tartare. The Scallops cost $16, the Beef Tartare $22, while the other three starters cost just $9.

17 Steak House also sells some impressive entree salads, which include Grilled Chicken Caesar, Grilled Flank Steak, and Tuna Nicoise Fine Beans, which all cost around $20. It’s pretty pricey for salads but they’re big and the meat is where the price comes from.

The lunch menu also offers incredible sandwiches, which consist of Lobster and Brie Grilled Cheese, Prime Rib Baguette, 17 Short Rib and Beef Burger, and a Steak Sandwich. The prices of these dishes range from $16 to $24, the most expensive of which is the Lobster and Brie Grilled Cheese, which is an impressive sandwich served on vanilla scented brioche!

Moving on to the dinner menu, you’ll find similar appetisers and salads to the lunch menu, albeit with a few additions. The entree’s offers an incredible array of meats and fish, be it Duck Confit, Bison Tenderloin, Oven Roasted Half Chicken, Australian Lamb Rack, Panko Crusted Arctic Char, Grilled European Bass, and Wild Mushroom Risotto. The entree’s range from $26 to $60, with the Bison Tenderloin being the $60 meal!

There’s also a steak menu that’s extensive, expensive, and exquisite. With 10 options on the menu, the prime beef comes from both Canada and the U.S, with the prices ranging from $32 for an Alberta Striploin Cali Cut, all the way up to $200 for a US Choice Tomahawk. The latter is a 36 oz that is cooked to perfection. If you have the cash to splash, it’s definitely one of the best steaks you’ll find.

17 Steak House has a large wine list also, with red, wine, premium, prosecco, old world wines, Bordeaux and more. The bottles range in price from $9 for a 6oz Italian White Wine, to a $300 2006 Cantine Beneditti from Italy. There’s a lot more options on the wine list, which you’ll see in a large rack upon entering the restaurant.

17 Steak House and Bar might be one of the newest restaurants in Mississauga but it has already established itself as the restaurant in the city. Quality design, quality food and quality service make 17 Steak House and Bar the hottest restaurant in Mississauga but don’t just take my word for it, check out a couple of review below from the 4.5 stars it has on TripAdvisor:

I have been there quite a few times. It has never failed to deliver a memorable experience. I have been there for business lunch, dinner with the family and with a large group. The steak has always been done right, the wine collection is incredible and the service impeccable. The owner is always present and talks to the guests with his suggestions. If this place was in downtown, it would be packed every night. The porterhouse is probably one of the best I have had in any restaurant in NA.

– 672ronnieb

I dined on a Monday night with a group of business associates. The restaurant is quite large and well decorated. The staff was very attentive yet not annoying. The manager came out and offered us some great appetizers. I ordered the lamb chops and they delivered the largest, thickest most juicy chops that I have ever tasted. The sides were large and I would suggest that you share them. Overall a great experience and I would return with my spouse for a nice meal.

– tjocCanada

We visited on a Monday evening with no crowds but great service and dining. First off, this place is huge with lots of bar and restaurant seating. If you’re popping in for a quick bite you’ve come to the wrong place. Take your time and enjoy the dining experience. A fabulous selection of wines reasonably priced only compliment the outstanding variety of steaks available. Other entrees are available but I highly recommend a steak cooked just as ordered. Side dishes are enough to share and served “family” style. While the budget might not allow a frequent visit, 17 would be a great place for a business meeting or anniversary celebration.

– Michael M

17 Steak House and Bar is one of Mississauga’s best high-end restaurants, arguably the best there is. 17 Steak House and Bar is well worth a visit if you have the cash, maybe a perfect date night, party, anniversary, or wedding. It’s a very pricey restaurant but it’s an incredible combination of style, class, attentive service and world-class food.