We’ve been doing the restaurant spotlight series for a while now and we’ve taken you to some truly amazing restaurants. However, it’s rare that we find ourselves diving headfirst into a restaurant as upper-class and sophisticated as Breakwater Fine Dining.

Breakwater Fine Dining is a restaurant located in Port Credit, within the Waterside Inn hotel. It’s an award-winning restaurant that brings a unique style and taste to not only Port Credit, but Mississauga. “We’ve been offering the finest cuisine and wine for many years, and it’s true we’re a CAA 4-Diamond Award winner. Yes, we’ve earned a coveted 3.5 star rating from Toronto Life magazine and the Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator.” You’ve very likely seen the CAA logo around lots of different places, and a four-star rating is the second best there is, reserved for some of the most upscale restaurants in all of Ontario. So that alone is proof of how impressive Breakwater actually is, but everyone likes to find out for themselves, and so you should!

Breakwater Fine Dining, and the Waterside Inn, is evocative of classic European restaurants, thanks to its concrete facade and elegant interior design. This kind of design is very common around Britain, Ireland, France and various other countries, with the old-school carpet floors, stiff chairs, wooden walls, and tall windows. This type of design isn’t very common in Mississauga, so if you’re looking for that classic European-feel, Breakwater is as good as it gets!

So, moving on to the menu, we usually start with the appetizers/breakfast menu, but today we’ll shake things up and begin with the beverages. Seeing as I’ve already gushed about the pseudo-European interior design, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise then that Breakwater boasts a massive wine menu. 11 pages to be exact.

You have your house wines, both white and red, and a bottle costs and average of $50. These include Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, Ruffino Prosecco, and Jacob’s Creek Shiraz. Then there’s the white wines from across the globe; Italian Chardonnay Azienda Agricola, American Chardonnay Ravens wood, and Portuguese Valacetinho Vinho Verde. From there you can find extensive French, Italian, Australian, Chilean, American, and Canadian wines, with prices reaching as high as $1000! For those willing and wanting to spend big on food and drink, you can definitely drop some huge $$$ at Breakwater on the wine alone.

The wine list is extensive and expensive, but you can also grab some decent bottles for cheap. And that’s true of the entire menu; people can dine for a little or a lot, making it perfect for all patrons. Moving on to the breakfast menu, you will find Whole Grain Canadian Oatmeal, Eggs Benedict, Golden Buttermilk Pancakes, French Toast, and several signature breakfast dishes. The signature dish that I opted to choose, was the Cast Iron Skillet Chorizo Sausage Hash: 2 eggs, spring onions, roasted red pepper, potato medley, and rye toast. The breakfast options range from $10 to $16, similar to any Mississauga restaurant.

The lunch and dinner menu’s are extremely similar and fairly extensive, so I will simply discuss a few highlights from each. Appetizers are fairly by-the-numbers; Calimari, Seasonal Soup, Shrimp, etc. Some non-traditional options include Moroccan Egg Roll, Citrus Vegetable Salad, and a cheese board.

Then there is the main course, which includes Salmon Fillet, Lobster Fettucine, Beef Stroganoff, Roasted Ontario Lamb Chops, and my personal choice of the 10 oz AAA New York Steak, which costs $40 and comes with blue cheese potato croquettes, spring vegetables, butter and Bearnaise sauce.

Finally we have the dessert menu, which consists of Raspberry Cheesecake, Apple Tart and Ice Cream, Chocolate Trio, or simple ice cream sorbet. In a time when we have so many modern, fusion restaurants that are trying new things, it’s great to retain the classics. And that’s exactly what Breakwater Fine Dining is; old-school food made to perfection. It may not be attempting to fuse multiple food palettes together, it isn’t a jack of all trades, it’s classic cuisine done right. As always, I don’t expect you to just take my word for it, so here are a few reviews from TripAdvisor:

My mother and I came to Breakwater for lunch. The atmosphere is remarkable, clean, bright, super high ceilings, perfect linen, nice furniture. The menu was delicious as well! The presentation of the food was wonderful. Food was delicious and super fresh. I had the Calamari with salsa on top for my appetizer and my mom enjoyed a delicious chicken soup. As a main lunch course the Caesar salad with Salmon was perfect. For desert we really wanted to have their famous banana with grandmarnier (or something similar) but they discontinued it. Very unfortunate! They should definitely Bring it back!

– Anna Z


I have been to this restaurant many times for special occasions and also just because the food and atmosphere are wonderful. I love their eggs benedict, and was only disappointed once with the chateaubriand because it came with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. Had I mentioned it to the server, they probably would have brought a substitution. This elegant dining room in a boutique hotel is well worth a visit.

– Irenekn


We arrived later at night probably around 9 p.m. there was nobody in the restaurant. When we walked in we were greeted we were taken to our table with menus. The waiter came over and suggested some drinks. We placed our order, received the soup and salad within reasonable time and then the seafood platter for two came out. It was well presented and the seafood was cooked/grilled amazingly. The platter consisted of a half a lobster about a dozen of muscles a few scallops, shrimp, crab claws and salmon.

– Bri-Dan W

That’s a handful of reviews for the CAA 4-Diamond rated restaurant. Breakwater is located right by the harbour in Port Credit, the beautiful hotel on Stavebank Road. It’s a fantastic restaurant within a fantastic hotel. If you’re looking for a super up-scale, fine dining restaurant with clear European inspirations, Breakwater Fine Dining is perfect for you.