Mississauga is home to a plethora of amazing restaurants and, more specifically, a number of fantastic breakfast joints. Sometimes those two things go hand-in-hand and that’s exactly the case when you take a look at Captain Robin’s.

Located in Port Credit, on the west side of the bridge and next door to Starbucks, Captain Robin’s is a family restaurant that has been in operation for a few years now. Originally, the restaurant was called Three Stooges and it amassed a rather loyal fanbase, before being forced to change its name in late 2016 due to copyright issues.

While the name may have changed, the game remains the same. Captain Robin’s is all about great service, casual atmosphere, huge portions, and quality eats.

Captain Robin’s is known for its mega portions and breakfast food. Starting with the simple egg breakfast, you can order one, two, or three eggs, served with toast and Robin’s iconic hash browns. Then there’s the pancakes and the crepes, both of which cost around $11. The Captain Robin’s Pancake Special consists of two large eggs, bacon, ham, sausage and hash brown for $14. As for the crepes, there are five options, which include Banana Nutella, Strawberry Nutella, and Smoked Salmon and Swiss.

Next we have a super popular option at Captain Robin’s, the skillets. There are five different breakfast skillets: House (A layer of hash browns with ham and mushrooms topped with scrambled eggs, a blend of mozzarella & cheddar cheese, smothered in hollandaise sauce), Smoked Salmon (A layer of hash browns, smoked salmon and Swiss cheese topped with scrambled eggs smothered in hollandaise sauce), Country Style (A layer of hash browns with bacon, ham, sausage and back bacon, topped with scrambled eggs, a blend of mozzarella & cheddar cheese, smothered in hollandaise sauce), Vegetarian (A layer of hash browns with tomatoes, onions, green peppers & mushrooms, topped with scrambled eggs, Swiss cheese, smothered in hollandaise sauce), and Hangover (A layer of hash browns with Italian spicy sausage, chicken, jalapeno & bacon, topped with scrambled eggs, smothered in hollandaise sauce). Each of these skillets are delicious, hugely filling and the most expensive is the Hangover for $15.50. Incredible food at an incredible discount.

The rest of the breakfast menu consists of omlette’s, French toast, waffles, sandwiches, and even a healthy breakfast page. The breakfast options are available all day long and more than worth your time and money.

Next we move on to the lunch/dinner menu, which is extensive to say the least. Starting with the appetisers, you can grab French Onion Soup, Fried Calimari, Garlic Bread, Onion Rings, Texmex-style Quesadilla’s, Mozarella Sticks or Poutine. Most of which are under $10. Of course you can also grab from a litany of salads, sandwiches, soups and finger foods.

Captain Robin’s serves a variety of burgers, each of which is a large 13oz. There’s the Veggie Burger, Cheesy Burger, and Crispy Chicken Burger. Those are the standard options, however Robin’s also offers the Banquet Burger (Topped with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, bacon, tomatoes, onions, pickles and lettuce), Breakfast Burger (Fried eggs, back bacon, chipotle mayo and cheddar cheese), and The Captain’s Burger (Double patty topped with tomatoes, onions, pickles, lettuce, bacon, back bacon, mushroom and double cheese). Each burger is served with a side of salad, fries, soup or coleslaw.

For lunch and dinner, there are also a choice of wraps, sandwiches, fajita’s, ribs, pasta, and the all-day breakfast menu. As for the more noteworthy entrees, you can order Chicken Parmigiana, Chicken Marsala, Chicken Schnitzel, Austrian Schnitzel, Jaeger Schnitzel, and Baby Beef Liver. Captain Robin’s offers incredible schnitzel, which can be pretty hard to find. It’s fresh, breaded, and cooked to perfection, we highly recommend!

Seeing as Captain Robin’s is right by Lake Ontario, it should come as no surprise that it offers some great fish specialities. Types of fish on offer include Sole, Grilled Salmon, Jumbo Bread Shrimp, Rainbow Trout, and Halibut W/Chips. Beyond the fish, you can also try Souvlaki Dinners, Omlettes, Desserts, and more of Captain Robin’s Special Skillets.

Finally, it’s certainly worth mentioning Captain Robin’s Scary Food Challenges. Robin’s offers two different challenges for the more brave customers. There’s Challenge 27 – 3 slices of toast, 3 eggs, 3 pancakes, 3 slices of French toast, 3 sausages, 3 pieces of bacon, 3 pieces of ham, 3 orders of hash brown and 20 oz. of coffee or 10oz. of juice. If you can finish it all on your own within 45 minutes, the meal is free! And Challenge 30, a burger challenge – 3 patties topped with cheese, fried onions, mushrooms, back bacon, tomatoes, onions, pickles & lettuce, a large poutine and a litre of pop. Once again the meal is free if you can down it all in 45 minutes by yourself. If you’re feeling brave and unusually hungry, feel free to give these challenges a shot.

As always, I don’t expect you to simply take my word for the quality of the restaurant, and so here are a few reviews from TripAdvisor that echo the sentiments I, and countless others, have felt about Captain Robins:

This was my 2nd time eating here and first my husband. We went on my recommendation for Sunday brunch and he gave it 2 thumbs up and an “I want to come back here” We were seated very quickly and it was very busy inside; a large group took up the entire back wall so our food didn’t come as quickly as we might have liked. My daughter ordered a strawberry/nutella crepe and got a banana/nutella crepe, and my husband asked for bacon with his baby beef liver which was forgotten. The waitress was very apologetic and more than made up for it by bringing a separate bowl of strawberries for my daughter, a plate of bacon for my husband and a separate bowl of mixed fruit for us all to share. Nice touch. This restaurant has been in Port Credit for ever and a day, it is not fancy-schmancy but it is very clean, the food is good and portions are l-a-r-g-e! Highly recommend a visit.
We will definitely be back here.

– Anna L

Tried this restaurant with a friend today and I have to say I was impressed. The portions were huge and the flavour was great. Great friendly service even though they were slammed busy. Definitely recommend!

– Skippy N Woody

The location during summers is just fantastic. Close enough to the hustle bustle of Lakeshore’s fancy restaurants, active weekend events and beautiful lake. The breakfast is wholesome, fresh and trust me plentiful. Way better than the breakfast chains that serve you cheap eggs, facon not bacon, and frozen home fries. No sir. This is traditional fresh and wholesome food. Do try it.

– Ron M

So as you can see, Captain Robin’s is a pretty special restaurant and one of the most popular in the city. It has one of the largest menu’s I’ve ever seen and that’s usually a sign of a bad restaurant with no identity, however that couldn’t be less true of the Captain’s. It has shocking quality and consistency with every item on the menu and, considering the huge portion sizes, is one of the best bargains around.

Captain Robin’s is easily one Mississauga’s best family restaurants, it also serves some of the best breakfast around, and is without doubt the best value for money in the city.