Fancy Kafana is a “premium casual dining experience”. That may sound a little like an oxymoron but when you visit the store and try the food, it suddenly makes complete sense.

Aleksander Stankovic opened Fancy Kafana  in 2016, despite the fact that he says “We weren’t planning to open a restaurant, but we were thinking about it.”. The story behind the restaurant is quite interesting, as per the official restaurants website.

“The “we” is Aleksandar’s family, as Stankovic’s wife, brother-in-law and other relatives have all been instrumental in making Fancy Kafana a reality. Although opening a restaurant and gutting and renovating the space has been a challenge — one that called on both Stankovic’s hospitality and general contracting skills (he’s got quite a few passions and professional pursuits!) — he’s happy with how the space has turned out.”

“As for the term kafana, the name is a little homage to food culture in Serbia. Kafana means a place where people meet to eat food and have a drink and socialize.” Already the term premium casual makes a bit more sense. Fancy Kafana literally means fancy socialising; it’s a pretty space with great presentation and excellent European and Mediterranean dishes.

Beginning, as always, with the appetisers, Fancy Kafana offers Bruschetta ($8), Chicken Wings ($12), Calamari ($12), Shrimp ($12), Nachos Plate ($12), Fried Cheese ($11), Garlic Bread ($5), and a Soup Of The Day ($5). You can also order a cured meat and cheese board for two for $19, or for four people, which costs $38.

As for the salads, customers can get a Fancy “Shopska” Salad ($7), Greek Salad ($7), Classic Caesar Salad ($7), Kupus/Coleslaw Salad ($5). The “Shopska” Salad is chopped field tomato, cucumber, onion & peppers, with shredded feta cheese. A solid choice for something a little bit different than your standard salad.

Moving on to the entree’s, that’s where things get exciting. Vienna Schnitzel ($14), Chicken Breast Florentine ($17), 10oz Rib Eye Steak ($23), Grilled Calamari ($18), Salmon Fillet ($19), Grilled Chicken Pesto Penne ($15), Tilapia Fillet ($17), and more, fill out a delicious menu that offers something for everyone. There’s also various stews and a plethora of sides.

Beyond the entree’s, Fancy Kafana has an interesting “From The Grill” section of the menu. This menu consists of burgers, meat balls, sausages, chicken breasts, and meat skewers from $10 to $17. If you come with a group, Fancy Kafana offer either a Mixed Grill Platter (for two $33, for four $59) or a Mixed Sea Food Platter (for two $43, for four $79). Both of these are extensive options that provide a variety of foods and perfect for sharing.

As usual, I don’t expect you to just take my word for it. Fancy Kafana has a 4.6 out of 5 average score on, and here are what the people had to say:

The quality of customer service, ambiance, food quality, and professionalism of staff is above and beyond…every single night!
Fancy is truly a venue that can satisfy all desires for social outings–whether you’d like to go there for a lunch, dinner, and/or a night out dancing and listening to fantastic music….they have it all planned to a T and truly know how to provide such a pleasant and memorable experience to all who walk through their doors.
It is a great feeling as a customer to feel that you’re really being taken care of…it’s what keeps me and countless people coming back time and time again, because Fancy’s staff make sure that we feel exactly that way.

– Selma Catic

Food was amazing, I honestly didn’t have bbq like this since last time I went back home.
We were there first time when there was a concert of “Peta Dimenzija” which I love, but this is small restaurant for that type of band.
I am giving for stars because there was a cover to pay at the entrance which is used just to enter the restaurant, not towards any food or drink. (I only did it because we were meeting the friends otherwise I think that is not right to do considering you will have to pay for the dinner and the drinks after and that is the main reason you went there). I understand cover if you are going to the club, or to be used towards your drink or something.

– Maja Boskovic

We had a great time at Fancy this weekend. Thank you for great food and service. We had a party of 25 people and everyone had a great time. Our servers were very friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend your establishment to all those looking for great food and music.

– Ljilja Popovic

Those are just a handful of the 148 reviews on Facebook. Fancy Kafana is a great option for those looking for a fantastic meal at a reasonable price, with great service and a fun atmosphere with live music. The restaurant is located at 4910 Tomken Road, Mississauga, right next door to the Tim Horton’s and Iron Chef. Perfect for those looking for some European or Mediterranean cuisine. Fancy but not pretentious.