Mississauga is full of unique flavourful options that allow you to enjoy different tastes of cultures across the globe. With that being said for those who are in the mood for a more diverse bite then there’s a great option you can explore right here in Mississauga.

Located in the River Run plaza, the Grand Bite offers a wide array of indo-middle eastern foods.  

What You Can Expect At The Grand Bite

The Grand Bite offers high quality halal tikka and kabobs fresh off the grill. With such offerings like the classic chicken tikka, made with all the traditional spices you’ve been accustomed to. Along with this is some of the best kabobs in the city, finely spiced and mixed ensuring that you get the flavour perfection you rightly expect.

If you’re not interested in the indo side of the menu you can also try some of their middle eastern food. With the standard foods you know and love like chicken shawarma and falafel plates all accompanied by salad and a drink.

 What Customers Have To Say

Amazing food and massively generous portions. It’s fresh, full of flavour but not overly salted like most takeout food. We will definitely be ordering from here regularly. – Dorothy D.

Ordered from these guys yesterday, food was amazing, service was exemplary and the serving size was massive!!! Was also completely surprised to find a nice gift in the order along with the food! That’s something you don’t see everyday! – Muhammad K.

As this is a newer establishment, it’s always great to support local businesses. Plus with a wide array of delicious and fresh made options you can be assured a nutritious meal that will make your palete dance. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think, we know you definitely won’t be disappointed.