It’s that time again when we take a deep dive into a local restaurant and tell you all there is to know. And for today’s spotlight we’re heading to a brand new restaurant located in gorgeous Lorne Park.

Not long ago, there was a fine dining restaurant in Lorne Park called Noble Bistro but, rather suddenly, the doors closed. Puzzled locals weer soon told that Noble’s was being transformed into something new, and something much more casual. And the result is Jesters GastroPub. This new establishment opened on October 1st and brought a swathe of new life and a new vibe to the area. Here’s a little about Jesters from the owners:

In Medieval Days, a Jester was a professional entertainer whose job was to entertain Royalty. In return, he ate like a Nobleman, with the Noblemen.

Today, our Mission is to make Jesters a modern day neighbourhood GastroPub where the job of our professional and friendly staff is to make you feel welcome in a fun and vibrant atmosphere; serve you high quality, creative pub fare at reasonable prices; top up your favourite drinks…all with a Big Smile.

Jesters can be found at 1107 Lorne Park Road, which is unmissable on the road, and not far off of Lakeshore. The outdoor of the restaurant hasn’t changed much, but the insides have been transformed fundamentally. Noble Bistro’s rather by-the-numbers basic interior design has been replaced by garish yellows and purples, as well as wood panelling and some funky art. It might sound bad, but there’s such cohesion that it actually works just fine. Jesters interior design accomplishes what it sets out to do: be fun.

The whole restaurant feels different inside, replacing pretension with levity and a more casual dining experience. Jesters is open from 4 PM until 12 AM Monday through Thursday, and 12 PM until 1 AM/11 PM on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. As for price, Jesters is akin to a Jack Astor’s, Crooked Cue, or Scaddabush, so it’s very affordable.

Now it’s time to move onto the menu, and Jesters sports the kind of menu I adore; proportional and cohesive. And rather than a starters section, Jesters offers shareables. On that section of the menu you will find Truffle Parmesan Fries, Candied Bacon, Fried Brussel Sprouts, Mussels, Nachos, and Buttermilk Fried Calamari, among others. These dishes range from $9 to $17, but they are supposed to be a table sharing dish.

From there you might find yourself craving the daily soup or one of these salads: garden salad, Caesar salad, Mediterranean salad, and baby kale and spinach salad. If you’d like a quick bite that’s a bit more meaty, you could try the Roaster Chicken Wings. And that about does it for the lighter menu options.

Next up we have the tacos and sliders portion of the menu, which is surprisingly big. Jesters offers everything from Pulled Pork Tacos to Brisket Beef Tacos, Fish Tacos to Chicken Taco, as well as Beef and Fish Sliders. If you’d love the meat but not in a taco, Jesters also has the pulled pork or brisket with sides.

And now we’re onto the real classic pub grub; burgers and sandwiches. Here you will find a Veggie Sandwich, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Kick ‘n’ Chicken Sandwich, King Burger, Queen Burger, Salmon Naan, Jesters Burger, and the Knights Brisket Sandwich. All burgers come with fries and cost around $17.

And finally we come to the main course dishes, which range from $15 to $25 and consist of Smoked Chicken Rosé, Classic Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Fish ‘n’ Chips, Grilled Chicken Power Bowl, Grilled Salmon Power Bowl, and Steak Frites. Jesters also offers an extensive drinks menu and desserts.

Of course, this is where we like to provide some reviews from locals who’ve been recently frequenting the restaurant. Seeing as Jesters has only been opened for a month, there aren’t a ton of reviews as of yet, however the restaurant does have a 4.5 star rating on Google already. So here are a few of those reviews:

BF and I really enjoyed our meals – had the King Burger and Brisket sandwich – both were really delicious – would have both again. The house salad was different than what you would expect and really tasty! Great fries. Staff were attentive and really nice. Will definitely be back. Great location, restaurant has a nice vibe. Excited for the patio in the summer. Trying the nachos next time they looked great.


– L. Danton

Finally, a quality restaurant has arrived in Lorne park and the vide, feel and food are amazing. You can feel like your sitting in your own home with a warm and comfortable feel. Thank you to the new group for bring a new live action packed experience to the neighborhood.


– John Thistlethwaite

Finally a local pub that can give the Clarkson Pump a proper run for its money! This is place is better in every way! Better food, better prices better service, better portions! and no fruit flies! I’ve been here twice now, once with my wife and the other time with my daughter. Both visits have been awesome! Everything I’ve tried has been delicious and the same goes for my wife and daughter! Make sure to come early because this place is small and it’s busy and rightfully so, because it is amazing! My only reccomendation is to expand that tap over time and feature even more craft brew! Love the atmosphere, love the food, it feels like it’s been a staple in the neighborhood for years and that is quite the testament for a new gastropub!


– Kirk Amirault

And there you have it. That’s the rundown on one of Mississauga newest restaurants and it’s clear the public agrees with us.

Jesters is a fine addition to Lorne Park, bringing a youthful exuberance and a fun casual dining experience to an area that sorely lacked anything of the type. Jesters is open now and well worth a visit if you live around Lakeshore.