All-day breakfast isn’t a novel idea and Mississauga has no shortage of places that offer fantastic breakfast. However, one of the very best all-day breakfast joints in the entire city, is an old-fashioned little store on Lakeshore Road West, near Credit Landing.

Maggie’s Diner is a very new restaurant, which took over the location from Peter’s. The little diner has a white brick facade, and the name of the eatery above the store. It’s a nice, clean, and simple design that reflects the character of the diner. Inside the premises, it’s much the same, with off-white walls, wooden floors, little tables and an open kitchen. What really gives Maggie’s its personality though, is the myriad of childrens colouring pictures that decorate the walls. There’s a distinct feeling that Maggie’s is a family business, for families.

So Maggie’s Diner is all-day breakfast, and therefore lives and dies by how good the breakfast is. Well, I’m happy to report that it more than hits that standard, I would go as far as to say it’s one of the very best breakfast joints in the entire city, and that’s saying something.

Breakfast menus include Rise and Shine, Pancake, French Toast & Waffles, Omlettes, Eggs Benedict, Breakfast Sandwiches, and Skillets. The entire menu is very affordable, with the most expensive items being the skillets, which still cost less than $20 and they’re quite a meal.

The Rise and Shine portion of the menu includes some hearty options to get your day started right. These include 3 Eggs Classic Breakfast (with a side of meat), New York Steak 7 oz, Lumber Jack (four eggs, four bacon and four sausage), and Maggie’s Signature Combo (three eggs, two slices of peameal, two sausage, slice of ham, and side of beans). The average cost of these options is $10, so you get plenty for your buck.

Then there’s the pancake/french toast/waffle menu, which comprises of a lot of fluffy bread. Rather than rhyme off several of these options, I’ll simply tell you about one of each. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes is a delightfully sweet concoction of Maggie’s fluffy pancakes, cooked with cinnamon, then glazed with a cinnamon sauce at the end and it is awesome. Next you have Strawberry Waffles, which is exactly what you might imagine: waffles topped with strawberries, whipped cream, and glazed with strawberry preserves. And finally, you can grab the French Toast Combo, which comes with three strips of bacon, three sausage, home fries and two slices of French toast.

Of course, if you’re more of an egg person, there are ten omelette options, including Greek, Vegetarian, Spicy and Meat Lovers. There are also eight eggs Benedict options, which include Irish (with corned beef), Smoked Salmon, Florentine, and Steak and Eggs. Surely there’s some delightful egg dish there to satisfy your cravings!

Then we have the skillets. Similar to most other breakfast restaurants, Maggie’s Diner offers a handful of skillets and they are well worth a look. There’s the Meat Lovers Skillet (bacon, sausage, ham, peameal, and cheddar), Steak Skillet (7 oz New York Steak mushrooms, green peppers, red peppers, onions, and cheddar), Chicken Skillet (chicken breast, mushrooms, green peppers, red peppers, onions and cheddar), and the Veggie Skillet (peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and cheddar). Each skillet comes with home fries, toast and three eggs on top. I personally opted for the Meat Lovers Skillet and it was genuinely one of the best I’ve ever had. The home fries were crispy on the outside and buttery in the middle, the eggs were perfect sunny-side up with no grease, and the meat was all fantastic. Consistency is the key with any breakfast and Maggie’s has that in spades.

If however, you aren’t a huge breakfast lover, then fret not, Maggie’s offers plenty more. The restaurant also cooks up burgers, wings, fish & chips, salads, sandwiches, wraps, ribs, fried chicken, and an array of poutine. It’s a very extensive menu when you make your way through everything, and I’ve yet to hear a bad review about any of the non breakfast options.

Obviously, I really enjoyed Maggie’s Diner and highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys great breakfast food and service. However, I’m just one person and food can be quite subjective. So here is a handful of Google Reviews from people who’ve tried Maggie’s for themselves:

The menu at Maggie’s had so many delicious options I couldn’t decide what to order. I ultimately settled on the French Toast combo and was blown away by how good everything was. Every item from the eggs, to pea meal bacon was cooked perfectly. The French toast, though, was the best I have ever had – highly recommend to anyone considering the breakfast. And the service was fast and friendly. I will definitely be going back to Maggie’s and look forward to trying more of the menu options.


– Ian Andrew

My fiancé and I have had a lot of breakfast in downtown Toronto and surrounding areas as well as while travelling, from the trendy to the holes in the wall. We tried out Maggie’s today and were blown away by every detail, and communicated that to Maggie before leaving. The breakfasts here are impeccable, and even the most basic breakfast item is elevated. We both agreed that the french toast, which tasted like it had been lightly fried in cinnamon bun filling, was the best we had ever had. My chicken and waffles were perfectly crispy and better than those we’ve had at School downtown and other restaurants with lines down the street downtown.


– Grace Sweeney

Discovered this gem today! Such an amazing place with outstanding service. Food tastes like homemade food, I had the meat lover’s omlette it tasted so fresh! It was also my brother’s birthday and the lady surprised him with a pancake and a candle, so thoughtful and sweet. Will be back for sure 🙂


– M. Hakoura

I recently visited Maggie’s diner with my husband and daughter and had a great experience. The food was fresh, delicious and came quickly. We were lucky enough to be served by Maggie and she was an absolute pleasure! I would highly recommend this diner to anyone and everyone. If you like great food, great service and need a place to eat..check them out!


– Leanne Goncalo

Maggie’s is open 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays, but closes at 5 pm on weekends. In an odd turn for a all-day breakfast joint, Maggie’s also offers Skip The Dishes, so if you’re feeling peckish but don’t want to leave the house, feel free to check them out on the app. I’ve read that people tend to order the non-breakfast options when getting it delivered.

Maggie’s Diner is a little known hideaway that certainly deserves a spotlight shone on it. The food is truly fantastic and the service implores you to come back. If that sounds like the kind of place you’d like to try, then head over to Maggie’s Diner at 360 Lakeshore Road West and grab some all-day breakfast!