Masala Bites, located at 660 Eglington Avenue West, is a restaurant that is often considered the very best Indian cuisine in the city.

The restaurant is a fairly small space that seats roughly 34 people, which means it’s usually a pretty busy spot, even on weekdays – besides on Tuesdays when the restaurant is closed. It’s a nice, clean area with cream walls and brown finishings, and some non-intruding art on hanging over the shiny tables. Less is more is the idea here, and it helps to create a casual yet classy vibe.

Masala Bites is primarily a buffet restaurant, although it does also offer a la carte options and a take-out menu. If it’s the buffet you’re after, a reservation is required and below I have listed the details:

Lunch –  $13.00
Time – 12pm – 3pm

Dinner – $16.00
Timing – 5.30pm – 9.30pm

Weekday Kids (4yrs – 11yrs) – $8.00

Friday Dinner – Starts at 5pm

Saturday /Sunday – Starts at 12pm

Weekend Kids (4yrs – 11yrs) –$10.


As for the a la carte menu, there’s a huge, diverse list of foods and the prices never exceed $20! Starting, rather aptly, with the starters, you can grab Gole Gappe (Six hollow shells made from Samolina served with chickpeas, potatoes and savoury water), Amritsari Fish Pakora (Seasoned boneless basa fish fillet, battered and fried), Chicken Pakora (Chickpeas, flour battered, spiced tender chicken, fried), and Vegetable Pakora (Crab and shrimp cake fried), among others. The starters range in price from $6 to $10.

Next we have the always-delightful, Tandoori. On the menu you can find Achari Chicken Tikka (Chunks of boneless chicken breast marinated with yogurt, pickling spice and cooked in Tandoor), Afghani Tikka (Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated with cashew, yogurt and cooked in Tandoor), Tandoori Salmon Shashlik (Diced salmon tikka with pepper and onion chunks, marinated with tandoori spices cooked in Tandoor), or Seekh Kebab (Spiced minced chicken / lamb mixed with fresh herbs, cooked in Tandoor). The dishes range from $12 to $20, although you can also get a Mixed Tandoor Kebab Sizzler, which is a mixture of many different meats served with garlic naan, and that dish costs $35.

Our vegetarian readers will be pleased to hear that there are many options available to them at Masala Bites. Channa Masala is a nice spiced chickpeas curry for only $10, Dal Makhni is slow simmered black lentils cooked with heavy cream, butter, ginger, garlic, chilies, tomatoes and spices, also for $10, and then there’s Aloo Gobhi, a traditional Indian cauliflower and potato dish. That’s only half of the vegetarian dishes but they are all around the $10 mark.

Masala Bites has some dishes on the menu that really make it stand out, for example, a mutton menu! Achari Gosht is goat (bone-in) chunks cooked in a pickle spiced tomato, onion and yogurt gravy, Rogan Josh, an aromatic Kashmiri curry, and there are other such dishes with goat meat. This is definitely something worth trying if you decide to check-in at Masala Bites.

Perhaps surprisingly, Masala Bites also has a pretty great fish menu, which comprises of Chilli Fish (Tender pieces of basa fish cooked in Masala Bites’ special chilli sauce with peppers and onions), Mustard Salmon (A delicacy of Kolkata. Salmon fillet cooked in a creamy mustard and yogurt gravy), Shrimp Curry (Creamy curry made with fresh curry leaves and fresh-cut shrimp), and four other dishes. All of these meals come-in under the $20 mark.

There’s also paneer, rice, breads, desserts, and a full chicken menu. Masala Bites has an extensive menu that caters to all tongues. The restaurant may be officially Indian but it dabbles in cuisines from multiple parts of Asia and the middle east. You can grab something you’re familiar with, or something you’ve never even heard of before and you’re guaranteed a quality meal that is worth your money.

The restaurant holds an impressive 4.5 out of 5 on TripAdvisor, based on 246 reviews nonetheless! Below are some reviews of the restaurant from the TripAdvisor site.

A small family restaurant business that services the most famous Indian Dishes and Recipes. Very clean and organized buffet. High-Quality Food. Good Overall Experience. I will go there again for sure.

– Rami M

The food is good keeping in mind this is a buffet place.They do serve both menu and buffet option, but I think buffet is the way to go here.
I came with family and made earlier reservation as the place is a little small. They had many veg and non veg dishes.Fresh naan keeps coming to your table so you don’t have to worry about that!
The owner was there and was very friendly in serving us and the cashier was quite friendly too. There might me a lot of Pakistani and Indian restaurant in the area but this place does deserve a try.
Overall, Good Place many choices of dishes, plenty of parking and good service.
For my Muslim peeps! They serve halal

– Bilal S

Went with friends for dinner. They have ala carte and buffet. The buffet was priced at C$15/- per head and offered 6 non-veg, 5 veg, 4 desserts, choice of naan/paratha/tandoori roti, besides chat spread n salad for starters.
The staff was courteous and helpful. The place is small and reservation recommended even on a weekday.

– HomiyarB

Masala Bites is a great Indian food option that offers a wide range of foods, even for vegetarians. The restaurant is nice inside and opens everyday except for Tuesday, and operates from 11AM to 10PM. Just remember to maybe call ahead and book your table!