You’ve heard all about it. Port Credit’s hottest new restobar has been the talk of the city since it opened a few months ago, and the momentum hasn’t ceased.

After a hugely successful run in the Danforth area, the brothers that run Nomad’s decided to bring their brand to Port Credit, and the hype surrounding the little restaurant went through the roof. For weeks and months, Port Credit locals were forced to walk past the newly black exterior and wait patiently for the insides to be revealed and the door opened. Finally that day came and it was well worth the wait.

Nomad’s simple black exterior is continued on the inside. It’s all at once modern, chic, classy, rustic, and casual. No easy feat. for sure, but the designer at Nomad’s really needs a raise. A bicycle adorns one wall, a bronze map of the world on another, five clocks set to different time zones on the back wall, and, in case the theme wasn’t drive home hard enough, the now-iconic phrase, “Wander On” emblazons the wall across from the bar.

Nomad’s is, as the name and decor suggests, all about worldy experiences. Nomad by its very definition means a person, or body of people, with no permanent home. That idea is on-tap throughout the little restaurant, with scattered reminders that we’re part of a much bigger world and we should get out there and see it. It’s rather ironic then, seeing as Nomad’s has been such a hit, that the young and old of Mississauga can’t seem to stay away. The bar is crowded every night of the week, but there’s always room for one more wanderer.

Of course, while the atmosphere is great and the bar staff incredibly friendly, the food and drink are a big reason why the restaurant has already amassed a significant following.

As with everything you’ll find on the menu, the drinks have the country of origin listed beneath the name. From North American Whiskey to African Gin, Mexican Tequila to Irish Vodka & Soda, there’s a taste of many a country, with something to satisfy every palette.

Nomad’s is quickly becoming known for it’s eclectic menu. At brunch you will be inundated with foreign and familiar cuisine like Alabama Biscuits, English Breakfast, African Shakshuka, and Belgian Waffles. Each reasonably priced at an average of $13.

Then there’s the dinner menu, which consists of such treats as Yuca Fries, Jerk Style Wings, Kalbi Short Ribs, Bison Sliders, Jumbo Shrimp Fried Rice, Chicken & Waffles, Cauliflower Pakora, and various cheese boards. Those options alone will take you on a globetrotting trip to Peru, Jamaica, Korea, North America, China, India, and more.

You’ve got to hand it to the boys at Nomad’s, they’ve crafted a marvellous menu of distinct delicacies, appropriate of one who has trekked the world and tasted what it has to offer. Everything on the menu is unique and authentic, which makes Nomad’s one of the city’s absolute must-try restaurants.

As per usual, it’s not enough to only hear what we thought of the restaurant. Food is subjective and it’s only fair that you hear from others. Nomad’s currently holds an impressive 4.5 stars on Yelp and TripAdvisor, and here are a few of those reviews:

Upon arrival I asked for the window table which they gave us. Knowing they were expecting 2 large parties a little later I was impressed they let us have that table even though there was just 4 of us.
The menu is eclectic and we just ordered off the shareable items side. The portions were large and we left stuffed.
We had guacamole, yuca fries, cauliflower pakoras, shrimp tacos and bison burgers.
There is a bar and the atmosphere is casual and trendy.
I suggest you try it. It came highly recommended and did not disappoint..


– Ritu D.

Great addition to Port Credit.  Food and service were amazing.  Can’t go wrong with the wanderlust platter.  Awesome drink list as well.  It’s a must do in the area.


– Kimberley G.

Well Finally! This was one of my favorite places on the Danforth and now it’s moved closer to home! Took a while for them to get started but it was well worth the wait. Great new menu and some old classics as well! Eclectic and lots of choices..hence the name Nomads.   Drinks are made by top notch Bartenders and the choices will please anyone. Started off with a Negroni  to get the appetite going. Appys  were the Sushi and Bison sliders. Hey i wanted surf and next for main was the Carne Asada, Served with Yuca fries. Cooked to order and was not too tough.  Over all was a great experience. If you are in the area, its worth a try. recommended!!


– Peter L.

Straight up one of my new favs!
All the food and staff are amazing. Everything is priced fairly! Highly recommend this place to everyone … Might be a bit loud for people looking for an intimate date!


– Stephen S.

Just in case you were somehow unconvinced that Nomad’s is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most youthful and hipster-friendly spot in the entire city, it even boasts gender-neutral bathrooms! Which, to be fair, are also very nicely designed with more simple decor, and each cubicle littered with graffiti of city names.

Nomad’s is the hottest bar in Mississauga right now. However, this one doesn’t feel like a trend that will quickly die out. Nomad’s feels like it’s here to stay. As such, you’d be doing yourself a serious disservice by not heading over to Port Credit to try it out for yourself.

Whether it’s the eclectic menu of worldly foods and exotic drinks, the affable bar staff, the informal atmosphere, or the you just want to see what all the fuss is about, wander on over to Nomad’s in Port Credit and find out!