You could be conditioned to believe that mall food is, at best, a small step above aeroplane food. Most shopping centres are chock-full of small chain stores with reheated food that serves to refuel your journey, but far from a destination spot.

Square One Mall has actively aimed to change that perception, with several great restaurants, and even the smaller chain stores have upped their game. It’s a case of a high tide raising all boats. And that is going to become even more prevalent in 2019 with the opening of the new Food District expansion to the mall.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait until sometime in 2019 to get your hands (or teeth) on some great food in Square One. Arguably the premiere restaurant in the mall as of now, is Sanostei Ramen!

Mississauga Sanostei Ramen
Mississauga Sanostei Ramen

Sansotei Ramen is a Japanese establishment that started out life in downtown Toronto, before spreading out to fulfil its mission of stuffing our bellies with incredible ramen. The restaurant finally arrived in Mississauga earlier this year and has been a smash hit ever since. Before we get into the specifics though, here is a little bit of Sansotei’s story:

“Sansotei is inspired by traditional ramen from various regions in Japan.  We source the highest quality ingredients both locally and direct from Japanese suppliers. Sansotei was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2012 with our first location in the heart of the city.  Since then the passion and creativity that we bring to our craft has been well received by a broad clientèle, both critics and foodies alike.  At Sansotei we strive to build a culture of hard work and dedication, and we are passionate about serving the best ramen, one bowl at a time.”

The restaurant can be found right by Entrance 9, on Level 2, and it has a unique black and brown aesthetic. Outside the restaurant is made-up mostly of windows, with a simple black wall with the name emblazoned in white. Once you walk through the wooden door, you’ll walk into the rather small restaurant with simple black tables, an open kitchen with ropes hanging above, a black banner on the back wall, and a wooden panel to the right hand side. It’s a great look that makes you feel like you’ve walked right out of Square One Mall and into another world.

And doesn’t that sound perfect around this time of year? You will undoubtedly be in Square One Mall a few times between now and Christmas, and we recommend you take a pit-stop at Sansotei Ramen to bask in some hot food, before trekking back into the winter wonderland.

So what food could you get at Sansotei? Well, the menu is actually quite small, but the restaurant is a firm believer in being a master of ramen, as opposed to a jack of all trades. Meaning there are six variations of ramen available; Tonkotsu (chashu, black fungus, egg, & green onion), Tonkotsu Black (chashu, black fungus, egg, green onion, & garlic oil), Miso Black (chashu, spicy kakuni, egg, shitake, & garlic oil), Shoyu (chashu, egg, bamboo shoot, & green onion), Spicy Tantan (chashu, ground pork, egg, bamboo shoot, & chilli), and Tomato (chashu, Hokkaido scallop, egg, & tomato sauce). If you’re a lover of ramen, you cannot go wrong with any of those options.

If you’re looking for something else, or perhaps just an appetiser, Sansotei also offers spicy slow-cooked chicken wingsGyoza (pan fried pork dumplings), Zangi (Hokkaido style fried chicken), Gyudon (rice with shredded beef & caramelised onions), and a seaweed salad. And you can finish it all off with either a slice of the delectable Mango Cheesecake, or a bowl of their signature Mango Sorbetto.

As mentioned, Sansotei Ramen has a fairly small menu when compared to other restaurants in the city, but you go there for the ramen and it very well might be the best Mississauga has to offer. The pork bone broth is made fresh every day, you can choose your own type of in-house made noodles, and whichever toppings you desire. This is ramen at its finest and it’s right inside Square One Mall! But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what others around the city have been saying about Sansotei Ramen (via Yelp):

Sansotei Ramen is probably the best ramen that Mississauga has to offer, and it couldn’t be in a more convenient location either.


– Eric C.

I ordered the Spicy Tantan. First time trying ramen and it was sooo good. I thought it might be spicy spicy but it was still delicious. Just what I needed on a cold day. I didn’t eat the egg though, couldn’t bring myself to (sorry!). I didn’t think it would be as filling as it was but if I wasn’t in public I definitely wouldn’t have unbuttoned my jeans! The service was fast and the waitress was so sweet. Oh! And the playlist of music was superb. Can’t wait to go back!


– Jasmine P.

Simple menu, good flavours, happy we are having more ramen options in Mississauga. I feel like the lining up and waiting is just something we are going to have to do (and willing to do) because we want that slurpy goodness so badly.
The servers are very friendly here and food is consistent with the other locations. At least now we won’t have to stand in the cold while we wait for a table (like at Kenzo). The door is just inside the mall and unlike Kinton, free parking.
Can’t complain, I’m happy this place opened up, I can get my ramen fix in the same place I shop.

– Tiffany N.

Mouthwatering ramen. The tonkotsu black with thick noodles was a very solid choice; I tried the miso black with thin noodles and was only assured in my menu selection. The miso was sweeter, and I preferred the meaty richness of tonkotsu. Generous amounts of pork and nice crunchy strands of mushroom made it a variously textured bowl, and the eggs were perfectly soft-boiled. Service was nice, patient, and helpful, allowing us to push tables together for a bigger party of people. I like the simple menu with tasty and well-done dishes.

– Samantha H.

So as you can tell, it really isn’t just us. Since Sansotei Ramen opened up within Square One Mall earlier this year, the asian food scene really stepped up its game. Sansotei was a massively popular restaurant downtown (and still is), and now we are seeing why it has lines outside!

If you love Japanese food, you will unequivocally love Sansotei Ramen. If you’ve never tried ramen before and think it looks super weird, you’re not alone, but rest assured it’s pretty much just meat and noodles, in a fresh broth. And if you’re going to try it for the first time, you can’t do better than Sansotei Ramen. The restaurant is open now inside Square One Mall and we urge you to give it a shot this month!