Streetsville isn’t exactly the place that springs to mind when we think of Mississauga’s foodie scene, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t boast its fair share of excellent restaurants and eateries. Whether it’s On-Z-Rocks, Bobby’s Hideaway, Cagney’s, or Supermoon, there are plenty of worthwhile destinations.

Today however, we want to take a look at one of its most underrated restaurants, and perhaps one of the most under-the-radar in the entire city; Saucy.

Saucy is located at 111 Queen Street South, right on the main street of Streetsville. The building is located within a small plaza and, to be frank, is a rather unassuming and borderline misleading. Nothing about the exterior of Saucy hints at the realm of taste sensations that awaits within. There’s also nothing inherently bad about the look of the building, it just fails to catch the eye the way a Fired Up! or &Co does.

However, looks are merely superficial. Once you step inside Saucy, as alluded to, you step inside a new world. The restaurant is quite large, both long and wide in its layout. Simple tables are scattered around with a white tablecloth and some black leather chairs. In a nice touch that helps set Saucy apart from the pack, it sidesteps conventional art on the walls in favour of large windows allowing for some great natural lighting. As for nighttime however, there are long beige curtains that shut out the world entirely, bringing everyone inside a little closer together.

As for the menu, Saucy is rather extensive and well-travelled. Most restaurants offer a range of 4-8 appetisers, whereas you’ll find a total of 16 at Saucy! Those include your standard fare, i.e. Calamari, Bruschetta, or Oysters, as well as more exotic options like Escargot, Short Rib Taco’s, and, my personal favourite, Wild Mushrooms that come on some logs, (to emphasise the wildness)! The average price of the appetisers is $11, so you won’t be breaking the bank for some delicious amouse-bouche.

From there you’ll find a choice of menu’s that include pasta, pizza, salads, and something called Sammy’s – you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a cute epithet for sandwiches, but these options consist of a burger, taco’s, mini wrap, and a club sandwich. Anywho, the pasta’s are pretty great, regardless of whether you order the Seafood Spaghettini, Asian Sautee, or Black Truffle Ravioli. As for the pizza’s, there’s some regular choices, as well as Philly Cheese Steak, Scallop & Bacon, and Tandoori Chicken. You really can’t go wrong with any of these options.

And now, we move on to the main course… literally, it’s time for the entree’s! Here Saucy offers five different options: 10oz AAA Beef Tenderloin, Beef Short Rib, Tandoori Salmon, Schnitzel, Norweigan Skrei Cod, and Stuffed Chicken. In a great addition, you can choose to add a 5 oz Atlantic Butter Broiled Lobster Tail to any of these options, making your meal surf & turf! The average entree will sting you $26, but I’d have to recommend the Norweigan Skrei Cod; how often can you try some truly unique fish? Forego the usual calamari and shrimp options, and try some incredible cod!

Full yet? Nah, there’s always room for dessert! And boy, does Saucy offer some mouth-watering confectionery! There’s the White Chocolate Skor Candy Bar Cheesecake, Daily Creme BrûléeWarm Chocolate Brownies with Baileys Infused Ice CreamLindt Milk Chocolate Ice CreamGelato Fresco Raspberry Sorbet, and Caramel Vanilla Tartufo with Fresh Berries. Seriosuly, that might be the best dessert menu of any restaurant in the entirety of Mississauga! I can’t even recommend one because they’re all incredible… go for the cheesecake!

Saucy boasts a 4.4 out of 5 from 254 Google reviews, and a 4.5 out of 5 from 163 TripAdvisor reviews. We’ve compiled a few of those reviews below to let you know what others are saying about Saucy; spoiler alert, it’s all good!

Tried saucy with a few friends over the weekend and we were quite happy with the food and service.
Tried the Cajun salmon, which was the special, and it was great. Really good portion size on all the meals that we ordered and the real icing was the skor cheesecake…highly recommend trying it.


– luv_2_xlr8

We came in early in the evening without a reservation, but they managed to find us a table. The service was wonderful, fast and professional, even tho there were at least two large tables seated at the same time as us. The food was excellent. The menu was quite varied, suitable for all tastes. We will return!


– Linedancer1995

This restaurant gives justice to the word delicious. It has a great selection of dishes that would satisfy the most discriminating palette – and for a reasonable price. The menu features a good variation of dishes from lettuce wraps, sliders, pasta and pizza. Drop by for a visit; you won’t be sorry.


– Joy19

My husband and I were in town visiting family and decided to give Saucy a try. We weren’t disappointed! Just had a light dinner sharing a couple of appetizers and the Charcuterie plate. Everything was delicious and we washed it down with a nice Ontario red.


– Sandy2990

As if all that weren’t enough, Saucy also has a substantial drink menu, which I won’t even attempt to list, so head to the official website and check it out for yourself. That about sums up the entire menu of Saucy, and maybe now you’ll see what you’ve been missing. Or maybe you know how good Saucy is and just needed a quick reminder. Either way, we’re happy to report that the restaurant is as incredible as ever and your taste buds demand you return soon!

Saucy has been a staple of Streetsville for 18 years. Based on the incredible food they serve, the simple yet elegant interior design, and the great service, we can safely assume it will be taking the next 18 in its stride!