Since 1975, Zorro’s Steakhouse has provided Mississauga with excellence in the form of steak, seafood, and wine.

Located at 7171 Torbram Road, Zorro’s Steakhouse is nestled near the plethora of airport hotels and minutes from the International Centre, making it as convenient to get to as it is great to eat.

As one of Mississauga’s older restaurants, Zorro’s has stood the test of time thanks to consistent and quality dining, as well as exquisite service and a relaxing atmosphere. The menu is a curated list of the finest seafood and meat dishes that cost a pretty penny but, as the saying, goes, you get what you pay for.

The appetisers consist primarily of seafood, including Fresh Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Oysters Rockerfeller, Smoked Salmon, Escargot, and then there’s the Barbecued Rib Starter. The dishes ranged from $13.95 to $29.95.

As for the sides, you can grab yourself two kinds of soup: Boston Clam Chowder, or French Onion Soup, costing $6.95 and $7.95 respectively. Zorro’s also offers up three salads: Caesar, Greek, and Village (tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, feta cheese, kalamata olives, extra virgin olive oil), all of which cost $13.

Moving on to the entree’s, we have a laundry list of incredible dishes. Linguine With Seafood, Steak & Fried Shrimps, Boneless Breast of Chicken, Single Lobster Tail, and Junior New York Sirloin Steak, the most expensive of which only costs $40 – not too bad for a upscale restaurant. With all of the entree’s, you can grab a side of Cheesy Garlic Bread, Caramelised Onions, Fresh Mushrooms, Steak Cut Onion Rings, or Asparagus Spears Hollandaise.

Next up, we have the seafood menu, which consists of Dover Sole, Broiled Salmon Steak, Charcoal Broiled Swordfish, Crab Legs, Shrimps & B.B.Q Back Ribs, The Mermaid Plate, and my personal recommendation: Zorro’s Platter For Two (crab legs, lobster tails, shrimp, scampi, scallops, fillet mignon, and BBQ back ribs, served with rice and veggies). The Platter For Two costs a whopping $160 but it feeds a family as you can tell. None of the other seafood entree’s breaks the $60 barrier.

Finally, we have Zorro’s namesake steaks. Rib Steak, Fillet Mignon, New York Strip, Peppercorn Steak, Chauterbriand, Steak Neptune, Double Rack of Lamb Chops, and Barbecued Back Ribs. All of these delectable steaks cost between $43 and $54, apart from the Chauterbriand (24oz Fillet Mignon for two), which swings for $98.95. On top of those regular steaks, there’s the house favourite, offered since 1975, The Zorro’s Cut. This incredible steak is described as the “thickest, juiciest cut of beef around.” This impressive dish costs $49.95, and if you’re heading to Zorro’s for a steak, I can’t recommend anything else!

Now you may be asking, what good is a steak dinner without the perfect wine. Well, you need not worry because Zorro’s has a mind-boggling array of wines to choose from. In fact there are far too many to list, so you can check them out on the restaurant’s website, to get an idea of the whites and reds you can grab from Italy, Australia, France, California, and beyond.

Zorro’s Steakhouse is a special restaurant in Mississauga. It’s one of the finest upscale restaurants in the city that has served the public since 1975. The selection of steaks is incredible and cooked to perfection, and the seafood is fresh from the ocean blue. It may not be a fancy new opening, but Zorro’s has the experience and class to stand toe-to-toe with the best restaurants in the city.