Streetsville’s main street, Queen Street, is one of the best destinations in the city for small-town shopping and relaxing. There’s so many great businesses and it’s rather iconic. So when something changes, it’s definitely noteworthy.

As such, we have to tell you that Second Cup in Streetsville has closed down. With little fanfare, the popular coffee store just closed its doors, right next to the town square and across from Goodfellas. Sad as that news might be, something has already replaced the coffee shop, and it promises to bring a slew of new tastes to Streetsville.

Butter Chicken Roti is the new business, and, chances are, you’ve already heard of it! Butter Chicken Roti is an incredibly popular business that operates nine stores in Toronto. Which means this new Streetsville location is actually the first in Mississauga! Here’s a little bit about Butter Chicken Roti:

“Our passion started with the need to bring the best flavours from India and share it with the masses in the best roti you will find in town!

“​Roti is an Indian flatbread made from flour. We have taken the traditional Indian curries and wrapped them in a roti, serving them as a wrap. We can also serve curry and roti on the side if you prefer enjoying them separately.”

As you might imagine, Butter Chicken Roti specialises in roti. As such, you can design your own roti dish, including which curry type you use, the various spice levels, and whether or not it’s vegetarian. You can also order rice, fries, samosas, as well as a few desserts and drinks. 

If all that sounds quite appealing to you, then you can order online or head to the brand new location in Streetsville. Roti is a delicious dish and Butter Chicken Roti does it better than most. So try out Streetsville’s newest restaurant now for a delicious and authentic Indian cuisine experience!