So you want a fancy new leash or a nice new chew toy, and you’ve also gotten your first dog!

Well, Mississauga has an abundance of pet stores, where you can find literally anything you could want for your new (or old) pet. Whether you’ve grabbed yourself a new kitten, or you just want to treat your ageing parrot to a nice new enclosure, the stores on this list will have what you’re after.

Global Pet Foods Mississauga

(224 Lakeshore Rd W #4, Mississauga, ON L5H 1G6)

Global Pet Foods is located just outside of Port Credit, in the Credit Landing plaza near Loblaws and Dollarama. This store is definitely one of the smaller locations in the city but it’s got great prices and tons of supplies.

Global Pet Foods is exactly that, a supplies store and not a store with actual animals inside. So if you’re looking to go pet some kittens, this isn’t the place. However, if you’re after a nice new bed for your dog, or some quality catnip, you can grab it here for a good price. Particularly if you have a loyalty card!

Pet Valu

(5029 Hurontario St #3, Mississauga, ON L4Z 3X7)

Pet Valu, despite its ominous look in the picture above, is a really nice store that feels of a higher standard than most of its contemporaries.

The Pet Valu store on Hurontario is huge and has supplies for all types of animals, from tropical fish to iguana’s. On top of the asinine amount of products, Pet Valu also offers pet grooming in-store, so bring your partner for some much-needed sprucing while you shop.

Happy Pet Products

(360 Revus Ave #18, Mississauga, ON L5G 4S4)

Happy Pet Products is a very different kind of store, and that’s why we love it. Located along Revus Avenue, Happy Pet Products sells all-natural pet foods; nothing but the best for your best friend.

The small but charming store specialises in cat and dog supplies and they offer the very best foods in the city, as well as some great accessories and toys. If you want your animal to be as healthy as possible, this is the place to go!


(507 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5G 1H9)

The final store on our list is a chain but one that has only recently opened its doors. PetSmart is now open at the new Lakeshore Road East plaza, near one of the cities best coffee joints, Coffee Culture.

PetSmart is a huge store that greets you with a playpen of kittens at the door. These little guys are in need of new homes but they get taken on a very regular basis, so don’t hesitate to take a new friend home, if you’re ready and willing. The store sells everything from crickets for reptiles, to real swanky fashion for man’s best friend, not to mention a dog grooming section! This is your one stop shop for everything pets.