Longevity is a clear indicator of quality. Restaurants open and close in Mississauga on a fairly regular basis but it’s the ones that stand the test of time that have that something special.

Canada is an astonishingly young country with a short history when it comes to western influences and long-standing businesses. That being said, Mississauga is home to a handful of fairly old establishments that have served the community for decades. These places all offer fantastic food with great service, and if that weren’t true, they wouldn’t still be around. So, if you’ve ever wondered what Sauga’s oldest eateries are, you’re about to find out!

Zet’s Restaurant (1977)

We’ve talked about Zet’s a number of times here on YourSauga, and that echoes my statement that longevity often equals quality and success.

Zet’s Restaurant is a family establishment that has enjoyed serving the Mississauga community for 40 years! Not only do they serve all-day breakfast, which really is among the very best you’ll find, but they’re open 24/7 and are famous for their steaks and souvlaki. Zet’s has stuck around this long because of it’s quality service and consistent foods. Here’s to another 40!

La Castile (1968)

La Castile is a restaurant that we took a deep dive into not that long ago, and reading that breakdown of the menu it will come as no surprise why it has been around since the 1960’s.

La Castile offers amazing food but the premises is what sticks with you long after the food has been digested. The manor in which the incredible restaurant resides is a masterclass in architecture that evokes an era much older than the 60’s. This place knows how to make an impression.

Orchard Family Restaurant (1965)

And here we have Mississauga’s oldest restaurant, the Orchard! To be clear, there are older food joints in Mississauga, however Orchard is the oldest functioning restaurant.

It’s hard to miss Orchard Family Restaurant, even if you’ve never been inside it’s hallowed booths, you’re eye has likely been drawn to it as you drive along Hurontario Street. Orchard boasts a lengthy menu that consists of delicious dishes at very reasonable prices. The prices combined with the quality of food and service is the clear reason why Orchard has been around since the mid-60’s. Still as busy as ever, it’s clear that Orchard Family Restaurant isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and for that we’re thankful.