Love seafood? There’s no shortage of great seafood restaurants in Mississauga but as a city that boasts some of the finest restaurants in the entire GTA, there’s always room for more.

With that, new seafood fusion restaurant Boil Plus has come to Mississauga. The restaurant recently opened at 815 Britannia Road, within the Heartland Town Centre. The restaurant now operates in one of Sauga’s best and most popular shopping area’s, so it has been pretty dang busy ever since opening.

Boil Plus is, as you might have guessed, all about seafood. The restaurant specialises in Louisiana-style seafood boil, which includes Lobster, Dungeness Crab, Crawfish, Shrimp, Mussel, Clam, and more. As well as classic fish & chips and seemingly endless varieties and combinations of fishy delights.

However, it’s not all seafood, if you’re interested in Japanese ramen, Boil Plus also offers varieties of the Asian favourite dish. The ramen may actually be amongst the best in the city, so I recommend giving it a try.

Boil Plus also offers usual meats, soups, salads, and baked foods. The restaurant boasts about offering more than 100 dishes with something to please everyone. Not to mention a drinks menu that includes pop, fresh juice, red & white wine, and a variety of beer. It’s a fairly extensive menu but it’s fairly priced, so you won’t be breaking the bank.

If you’re in the mood for some seafood, and let’s face it you will be sooner rather than later, give Boil Plus a shot. It’s Mississauga’s newest restaurant and it’s already established itself with quality dishes and affordable pricing. Also, make sure to return and try the ramen!