Back in March, the Mississauga Government and Region of Peel took some steps to try and prevent Coronavirus taking hold of the city, including shutting down many businesses, telling people to stay home, and reducing the schedule of transit services.

Of course, much has been said and made of the essential workers who are still doing their jobs, from police to hospital staff, and every grocery clerk in beween. However thousands of Mississauga’s work force take the MiWay buses every single day, and plenty of the esential work force is being hindered by the limited bus schedule and even putting themselves at risk.

In March MiWay announced reduced and eliminated bus schedules for the duration of the lockdown, as well as no bus fares, and making the public enter buses from the rear doors to steer clear of the driver. These were good moves in order to try and combat the virus, while still helping essential workers get to their jobs. However perhaps Mississauga should take a note from Toronto and add some more buses to the routes in order to aid social distancing.

With less buses making the same journeys, lots of essential workers are being forced onto packed buses in masks and gloves. And the same was true of Toronto, but the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) recently added 47 new buses to the routes to try and help spread the load. This is a great initiative that would definitely alleviate the stress of getting to work in this time, especially when the city of Mississauga just announced an extension to the lockdown until mid-May.

So Mississauga needs to take a page from Toronto’s book and add more buses to routes like 1E/W, 19N/S, 23E/W, 39N/S, as well as the express routes to the airport and more. The city needs to do all it can to help the essential workers, and more buses is a no-brainer.