Learning an instrument can be hard, especially when you have to commute to a music school for a lesson. Well, there is some good news for you, as there is a new business that is slowly becoming the “Uber of Music Lessons” right here in Mississauga.

The company which is called Feely Music School, offers music lessons without needing to commute. That’s right this music school comes to you! If you’re curious as to whether it is just a service for kids, don’t worry about it as the school offers lessons for all ages, starting at 3. Remember that it’s never too late to pick up a new skill.

This business was the brainchild of founder Emilee-Mae Feely, who started this in 2014, by providing piano lessons to families as a way to earn some extra cash. When she saw that there was an opportunity to provide a more convenient option for busy families, she sought to revolutionize the way music lessons were provided.

Feely Music Instructors
Courtesy of Feely Music School

The Teachers

All of the teachers at Feely Music are passionate about music and pride themselves on. Additionally, they are all grade 8 piano certified, with many of their teachers having also advanced their knowledge of music into the post secondary level. Along with this, teachers also have education/experience dealing with young children and those with learning disabilities.



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How it works

The company has a wide array of pricing options available for you to choose from. So all you would need to do is simply connect with the company via their website and set up a day/time that works best for you. After that you/your child should be all set and ready to start learning. Additionally, Feely Music is currently offering a special price of $20.99 for 16 weeks, which is limited time for the month of August.  

What others are saying

I think my favorite thing about Feely Music School (besides not having to leave my home to receive quality education), is the passion and creativity that goes into every lesson. There isn’t a person out there that cares more about their students than Emilee. And she makes it her mission to be sure that her staff feels the same. An amazing idea executed beautifully.


I was referred to Feely Music from a friend, and I’ve had nothing but positive experiences from my teacher. As an adult, I find the blogs useful to read, especially so I can learn! I appreciate the positive attitude from everyone in the company, and I look forward to my lessons every week!


With the company growing into other Canadian cities, it’s only a matter of time before this innovative company forever changes the way music lessons are provided.