Have you ever wanted to play golf but don’t want to buy all of the equipment, head onto the greens, or wear the clothes? Well, Mississauga has the perfect option for you; Back Nine is the cities premier golf simulator!

Located at 7170 West Credit Avenue, Back Nine is a classy golf simulator facility that is perfect for a fun night, parties, corporate events or fundraisers.

You’re probably picturing a standard recreational activity area, something rather bland and plain looking, but that’s not at all what Back Nine is. The facility is a beautiful building of wood, leather, carpets, curtains, and high-end technology. It looks more like an awesome private movie theater than a golf simulator.

As you can see from the picture, the rooms are luxurious and spacious, unlike any other golf simulator I’ve been to. All of the rooms are as nice as this, with some big enough for large parties with tables, bars, couches and more. It’s a small note but the lighting is perfect throughout the building, which is important for the projection screens but also helps create the relaxed, worlds-away atmosphere.

So what is it that you do? Well you walk into a room, there’s a giant projection screen on which you’ll see a course. You grab your driver from a bag of golf clubs and you try your hand at playing some golf. You swing the club and the simulator picks-up on your movements to determine how far and well you hit the ball. Unless you’re a regular golfer, chances are you’ll find yourself in the rough or the sand but that’s all part of the fun. And it’s not all virtual; Back Nine also has small putting area’s in particular rooms of the facility, for those who’re a little more old-fashioned.

The facility also boasts cozy bars with sports on TV’s, and some food on offer in the large lounge area. The servers will take your order and you can play the simulators before your items come. There isn’t a large selection of food but they do order from Pizza Pizza, so they’ll grab you a slice or a pie while you play. It’s a great way to wind down, enjoy some food and a drink but stay indoors, particularly at this brisk time of year.

Back Nine also supplies free WIFI, parking amenities, and you can either rent the clubs or bring your own and store them at the facility! You can purchase a membership for Back Nine, or daily prices are per simulator: $30/hr standard room, $40/hr semi-private room, $50/hr private room.

If you’re looking for a fun recreational activity with your friends, or are tired of work functions at the same old tired restaurants/bars, Back Nine is an excellent alternative for a fun and unique night out. Tee off!