In the past decade, men have taken a look back to the past and remembered a time when getting a proper haircut was a significant part of life. Throughout the 19th and 20th century, men took haircuts and fashion seriously as it reflected status and self-care. Thankfully, we’re came back around to this line of thinking and men once again value the importance of a great hair cut.

That’s why today we can see old-timey barber shops popping up all over the place. Shops that look to emulate the style and atmosphere of classic barber shops, while offering modern spins on classic hairstyles. And one of the best places to go for such an experience is Cabin Barber just outside of Port Credit.

cabin port credit

Cabin Barber can be found at 504 Lakeshore Road East, and it’s easy to spot with its unique exterior design. There’s usually a motorbike and a kiln outside the front door, as well as the wooden framing around the door and window. Cabin lures you in with its dedication to nature and classic manliness.

Once you step inside you’ll be greeted with a refreshing, yet familiar smell; a strong mixture of hair products and wood. The place is cluttered but in a way that makes sense, there’s stuff all over the walls an tables but it feels like an authentic cabin in the woods. What’s on the tables and walls is also quite fascinating to look at, from a deer head to vintage combs, random jars and pots to pictures of folks from a bygone era, and a ranger hat to an old radio. It’s the opposite of most barber shops as it opts for warmer lighting and a wooden aesthetic, over brilliant white everywhere; it’s a quite beautiful space that could hold your attention for hours.

Alas, all that would be quite meaningless if the haircuts weren’t up to scratch. Thankfully, that is most certainly not the case, as Cabin’s barbers are experienced, trained, and damn easy to talk to. Cabin offers seven different types of services, each of which are explained below:

Gentlemen’s Cut – “Accompanied with a hot lather straight blade line up on the back of the neck, and one hot towel around the face. We specialize in traditional Gentlemen’s cuts that are short around the ears and make our mothers proud.”

Gent’s Cut & Beard Trim – “All the benefits of our “Gentleman’s cut” and our “Beard Trim and Line Up” services in one convenient package. For gents who need to go from animal to dapper.”

Gent’s Cut & Full Face Shave – “The full monty. Come in and get the full CABIN experience. A fresh Haircut and a 12 step Hot Towel Full Face Shave.”

Beard Trim & Line-Up – “Our Beard Smiths will sculpt out your beard without sacrificing too much length. We understand how important a good beard is.”

How Towel Shave – “Our process involves 4 hot towels and 1 cold. Come lay back, relax and let us take care of the rest. We’ve been told that we’ve perfected the art of shave.”

Head Shave & Beard Trim – “Smooth all over (the cue ball).”

Boys Cut – “For kids who want to have the freshest cut in class.”

Whichever of those services appeals to you most, we guarantee you’ll come out feeling totally satisfied and with nary a runaway hair itching your neck. It’s the equivalent of a spa day for men, with you wondering how the time flew by so quickly. Cabin is exactly what is says it is, an authentic old-school experience that ensures you come away feeling quite dapper.

Cabin isn’t just about the haircuts however, as you likely gleaned from the start of this. Cabin is a social meeting ground and a men’s accessory store. A place where you can drink a coffee, talk without fear of offending, smoke a cigar, and get a quality trim. The owner, Louie Manzo, opened the store with the intention of recreating his father’s barber shop experience, which was about meeting like-minded people in a place where you could proudly be a man.

While men’s fashion is becoming decidedly more feminine, and most barber shops are becoming more and more like hairdressers, Cabin Barber on Lakeshore road dares to be different. Ironically, by being old-school.

Manzo said it best when explained his vision for the store, “Cabin has to be exactly what it says it is. Imagine going to a cabin in the woods, a cottage, you expect to be comfortable, you expect to create memories, and you want to feel invited, you want to relax. And this environment is no different. It’s named Cabin for that specific reason. You expect that you’re going to have an enjoyable visit, you’re going to create memories. And Cabin, from the floor to the walls, was meant to do that. It’s not like anything else.”

No it is not, and that’s why we love it and can’t wait to get back there for our next trim and conversation.