Are you engaged to be married? Maybe in a serious relationship and want to be prepared for when the day does arrive? Perhaps you’re even single and just like to know all of your options for the future.

Well it should come as no surprise when I tell you that planning a wedding ranks as one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. There’s just so much to consider and plan for, most of which you don’t even realise until the process begins. If you are the type of person who wishes to forego the church wedding scenario – of which there are many these days – then I’m sorry to say there’s even more things to plan and consider, and thus more stress.

It’s not all bad news though, because today I come to you with a new business spotlight, and this one ensures a borderline stress-free wedding day! Yes, that’s right, Coach House Weddings can provide you with an intimate, elegant, and stress-free wedding.

Coach House Weddings provides you with a garden wedding experience, that can cater up to 40 people. Coach House provides a bridal suite and man cave for the bride and groom to prepare, a private, beauitful courtyard for the ceremony, an officiant, a photographer, flowers, appetizers, the all-important cake, videographer, live music, and sparkling wine for the toast. Should you want the services but prefer a different venue, Coach House also provides an indoor setting, or will happily bring all of its services to your venue of choice!

The only things that Coach House does not provide for you is the outfits and the food afterwards. However, if getting some dresses and suits, then booking a local restaurant for you and your 40 closest friends and family, is the most you have to worry about, then this seems like a dream offer.

Coach House offers a number of its services as part of a package; you can simply require the officiant, maybe the photographer, or ala carte services for various prices. If you want the entire experience from top to bottom, Coach House’s incredible service can be obtained for $5995! If you’re unfamiliar with wedding planning, you might think that sounds like a ton of money, however the average cost of a wedding in Canada is upwards of $30,000.

That’s an asinine amount of money right? The truth is people often overpay for basic services and products when it comes to their wedding. However, if you look at it like a flight, you don’t just buy the first one you find, you check multiple websites to get the best deal. And that’s how things should be with a wedding, luckily for you though, I’ve already done the boring parts and I’ve found the best deal out there.

Spending under $6000 for the venue, the flowers, the officiant, photographer, live music, cake, etc., is as good as it gets. Is also means you can use the rest of your budget to pay for your dream honeymoon. Or, perhaps more sensibly, you can spend the remaining cash on your home, a car, or put it away for future expenses like children or a pension. That might sound a tad over-dramatic but the reality is a giant wedding is often a source of huge debt, especially for young couples, so why not erase that stresser and choose Coach House Weddings?

Coach House Weddings boasts an incredible 5-out-of-5 stars on its Facebook page. And to show you that the services provided are the real deal, here are some of the reviews from happy couples:

We wanted an international wedding, but the whole dream seemed overwhelming. Andrea and John made the whole plan come together perfectly, with a few wedding day surprises thrown in too! The ceremony was beautiful and the pictures, well they speak for themselves.

– Jessy Pearson-Chaney

I loved it. Didn’t have to worry about anything. Andrea and John took care of everything. The back yard wedding was everything that I’ve ever wanted and dreamed of for my wedding day. I can’t wait to see the pictures that Andrea took and can’t wait to see the Video as well. Everyone keeps saying that it was a beautiful ceremony.

– Marianne David-Ball

I couldn’t be more happier with how Coach House Weddings took care of all the details for my wedding. It’s perfect for small intimate weddings that has a beautiful garden back yard setting for family and friends to gather to share our special day. Thank you so much for everything, I highly recommend Coach House Wedding for your intimate wedding occasion. It truly was a magical day for us!

– Nicolle Williams

I’ve known Andrea and John for a few years, and finally had the honour of working with them for Sarah and Matt’s wedding last Saturday. Both myself and my other cinematographer were very impressed on how both they conducted the wedding. Very elegant, professional, relaxed, and an absolute joy to work with, Sarah, Matt, and all those who attended the ceremony were also impressed with everything! Highly recommend ed!

– John Taylor

So there you have real-life testimonies from happy couples. Proof that the concept works and is truly worth a look if you’re getting ready to start the rest of your life. Planning a wedding may sound fund but it’s far more stressful on you and your partner than you can imagine. So why not just have fun, enjoy the day, and still have the experience you want by using Coach House Weddings?

Coach House Weddings can be found at 1620 Cawthra Court, you can also call them at (905) 990-0555. Alternatively, you can head over to the website and complete a quick form with your details and request for services, and the fine folk will get back to you within 24 hours with more details and pricing. Ensure your wedding day is the best, cheapest, and easiest it can be, by using Coach House Weddings.