Feel like you’ve done just about everything? Tired of the same old bars and malls? Like you’d love something new to do on a Saturday night with your friends? Does this intro sound like an infomercial? Well, I’m here to show you the light, or, at least, the virtual light.

Located at 5170 Dixie Road, Unit 101, you’ll find a relatively new store called Reboot Reality. That might sound like a weird name and you’ll be wondering what the business actually is, well here’s the official description. “Reboot Reality is a convenient place to experience virtual reality with friends, family and colleagues. We strive to provide the best service and collection of virtual reality games. Immerse yourself in a world full of surprises and explore your reality.”

The business opened in 2016 and has amassed a good following of regulars and newcomers who come to experience something truly special. If you’ve never tried virtual reality, it’s almost impossible to describe. I could wax lyrically about how genuinely amazing it is to put on the headset and be 100% immersed in a new world, one in which your body truly believes you are (for example, if you go down an elevator in the game, your knee’s will feel like you’re really descending), however you really just have to try it for yourself to believe it.

Reboot Reality is also Mississauga’s first VR arcade, although more are set to follow, including The Rec Room in 2018. You can come with friends and have some memorable, incredible moments; be it shooting zombies that come from every angle to get you, conducting hilariously awful surgery, or donning Spider-Man’s costume and swinging around NYC.

A 50-minute session with the HTC Vive will cost you $50, or $200 for a group of 16 sharing 8 stations. The PlayStation VR however is significantly cheaper at $10 per person for 50 minutes! There are also racing stations that are as cheap and take you on a high-speed race you won’t forget.

Reboot Reality is a truly special way to spend a day or evening by yourself or with friends. The store is open from 3pm-12am every day except for Sunday’s when it opens at 12pm and closes at 6pm, and Monday’s when it is closed entirely. I can’t recommend virtual reality tech and Reboot Reality enough, so please go try it for yourself and become a believer!