Youth sports is often considered a consistently great gateway to develop skills. Whether that is building physical skills which can make your child stronger or simply building critical social skills that will allow for better relationship development in the future. That in essence is the true motivation of this Mississauga business; moulding the model citizens of tomorrow through the beautiful game of cricket.

Rising Stars Cricket Academy of Excellence is a Mississauga business that is currently on a mission to grow the game of cricket right here in Mississauga and beyond. Whether it is through their current initiatives with the different schools throughout the Peel region or it’s growing influence in bringing cricket to a growing number of communities across Ontario.

Founded by Oswald Jones, who had always dreamed of using the game he loved so much as a catalyst to bring the community together. The reason that he enjoys the sport of cricket so much is it helps him to give back to the community. The sport of cricket helps build self-esteem, communication and leadership skills. Being an ICC accredited coach himself, it was important for Oswald to provide a constructive outlet for today’s youth.

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The programs offered by the RSCA is wide ranging to ensure that those from all aspects of life are able to get the skills to succeed. Providing both indoor and outdoor opportunities that are available throughout the year. Many of the programs that focus on the growth and development of the kids include both the  in school & after school programs. Which are achieved through their partnerships with various schools throughout the Peel and York regions.

Additionally, there are also opportunities for teachers, parents, and other members of the community who are looking to get involved in this initiative through their train the trainer program. The aim of this program is to help those looking to further spread the message of this cause. While also providing opportunities that allow for building leadership and management skills needed to thrive in daily life.  

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For those looking for an introduction to the game of cricket or for families looking to continue their child’s interest in the sport the RSCA provides the perfect environment to do just that. As all of the coaches are ICC (International Cricket Council) certified, ensuring that you receive only the best opportunities to learn and grow.