For students and grads alike, it can be hard to find that first opportunity without the caveat of prior experience being required. This in turn makes it harder to be able to gain the skills to succeed in the future.

Luckily, one small business in Mississauga seeks to address this problem head on. Univjobs, a company founded by two graduates from Sheridan College, is trying to reduce the barriers involved with finding an early career opportunity. 

In fact, both the company’s logo (which is a unicorn) and the slogan which is “finding a job shouldn’t be as hard as finding a unicorn” tries to be very tongue and cheek with the experience you will receive when using the platform.

The Inspiration

khalil stemmler and Charles Javelona from Univjobs
Founders of Univjobs- Charles Javelona & Khalil Stemmler

If you were curious, here is the story of what inspired them to get started:

“We started the platform after both us along with our friends were experiencing difficulties looking for work during school and after graduation. After realizing what the problem was, we started building Univjobs in between classes. Our mission is to help students reach their full potential and bridge them to meaningful work related to their field of study.”

How it works

Univjobs platform screenshot

The unique aspect of the business is that the opportunities offered are “student friendly”, which means that there is a lower experience barrier for entry than any other employment platforms. What that means according to the team is that you’re not likely to see multiple years of experience for student/grad opportunities.

The way that the service works is, you would create a profile online and apply like any other job site, but the other unique differentiator is that students have visibility over where they are within the hiring process. For example, you can see if a recruiter viewed your application in real time. Along with this, there is also a spotlight function, where students can be spotlighted and invited to opportunities by employers.

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What Students Think

Students seem to be fans of the platform. Here are a few reviews from students/grads who have used the platform:

“The site helped me find an entry-level role in marketing. I love how it still notified me of new opportunities even after I graduated.”
Abigail N.
“This is a great tool for student job search. I got called in for an interview the next day.”

– Jessie L.

If you’re a student/grad looking to get a job either now (because you want to put your degree/diploma to use) or if you’re looking to build experience towards the future, this might be an option worth considering. 

If you’re ready to get started, you can start your career journey by clicking here

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Best of luck in your job hunting journey and hope you find the success you deserve within your chosen career path.