What do you get when you combine Port Credit’s diverse bar scene with sensual lighting and Spanish cuisine? Why, ladies and gentlemen, you get Spice.

Spice Lounge & Tapas is one of the many bar/restaurants in Port Credit, but it’s wholly unique. Spice is a perfect date night setting, as well as offering great live music, and unique cuisine and drinks. While it’s certainly one of the smaller places in the town, inside of Spice is uber-stylish decor, best described by the owners themselves:

“Designed with a sexy, stylish and an overall feeling of warmth, a cozy atmosphere for all to enjoy. Chocolate browns, cream and a splash of Spanish red accent makes it a unique and relaxing place to dine and play. There is a sleek cozy bar for cocktails as well as tall bar tables, inviting nooks, cozy sofa chairs and when the need arises they open ‘The Loft’, an upstairs overflow takes you in a different place altogether.”

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Being in a different place altogether is one thing, but the food must match the ambience to result in true immersion. Thankfully that is most certainly the case at Spice. As the name suggests, Spice specialises in Tapas, and delivers tastes and wines from the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The idea behind Spice is to offer wines, small plates and entrees that are perfect for “sharing and comparing.”

The appetiser menu then, includes Chorizo, Mushroom Croquettas, Halloumi Frites, as well as Lime Caesar and Beet and Goat Cheese Salads. One item we’d like to spotlight from the appetiser menu however, is Albondigas. This incredible dish is house-made meatballs, cube potatoes known as bravas, and manchego cheese. It’s an incredibly tasty dish that serves as the perfect appetite-wetter.

Spice’s menu then includes a meat (carnes) and seafood (mariscos) section. The meats menu includes three options: Short Ribs (miami cut, house marinade, lime), Lamb Chops (bacon, hazelnut, chocolate shavings), and 10oz Striploin (saute vegetables, chimichirri). While the seafood menu includes Scallops, Pulpo (octopus, tomato relish, orange, baklouti), Tuna Ceviche, Tuna Carpaccio, Calamari, and Pei Mussels (which you can get with white wine or saffron butter).

The next two menu options at Spice are flat bread (pan plano), and al ajillo, which is essentially a garlic-based sauce. The flat bread options include Smoked Duck, Vegetable and Goat Cheese, and Fig and Brie. The al ajillo options are Hongos (mushroom and chilli), Gambas (shrimp, roasted tomato, pepper green), Alcachopas (artichoke, roasted pepper, olives), and Pollo (chicken, rosemary, slivered garlic). Any of these options would be perfect if you weren’t overly hungry, but seeking something small and tasty.

The final menu section is that of tableros, which translates to board in English. So, as you can likely guess, this area of the menu is all about variety: Paella (shrimp, chicken, chorizo, and mussels), Cheese (four cheeses, fruit, and membrillo), Charcuterie (four preserved meats, dijon, spiced nuts), Charcuterie and Cheese (two cheeses, three preserved meats, spiced nuts, olives, membrillo). These are great options if you come with a few people, and just want some tasty finger food.

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Spice offers one of the most delicious menu’s in all of Mississauga. It’s one of the few authentic Spanish restaurants in the city, and boasts a palette that could make even the harshest food critic’s eyes roll back. However, let’s take a look at what some others have to say (spoiler: they love it as well). All of the following reviews of Spice were taken from Google, where the restaurant holds a 4.1 stars.

Happy I came here. Food was good. Staff was awesome. Music was spectacular. I think she deserved a bigger crowd. Mondays are very laid back (of course they would be) so consider going then.


– Brian Silva

Staff is amazing. They always go out of their to make sure you’re taken care of. They either have live music or a great dj, so music is always top notch. If you want to just sit down and talk, or dance your heart out…spice is the place. You will not be disappointed. Cheers to Ryan, Andy and the entire staff!!!


– Chris LaBella

I stumbled on this place on Friday since all the other bars around the area were full. THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING !!!! Drinks were great and music was great, it was exactly what we were looking for. Definitely coming back here.


– Ramya Lyer

Food is awesome, but it is pricey. Went for a friend b day and it was definately a place to go and celebrate. My food and one drink came to $77 plus tip. So be prepared to pay a bit more than you would normally at a milestones/bar.


– Kat Homiak

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Spice Lounge & Tapas offers 25% off the entire menu on Mondays, so that would be a perfect night to visit. The restaurant is open from 4 PM to 2 AM every day. As for entertainment, Spice operates live music every Monday and Sunday, open mic night on Tuesday’s, a house DJ on Thursday’s, and a top 40 DJ every Friday night.

Spice Lounge & Tapas is Port Credit’s sexiest place to eat; which might sounds weird but head there and see for yourself. It’s the perfect date night setting and the menu is an abundance of excellent Spanish cuisine. It also boasts a huge list of beer, wine, spirits, and other alcohol, so if you’re looking for a tasty drink to finish off the night, this is the place.

Spice is a wholly unique restaurant, located right in the middle of Port Credit. It’s a restaurant that offers plenty in the way of variety, while providing incredible ambience and a friendly atmosphere. Be sure to stop by when there’s live music and experience Spice in all its Spanish glory.