How many times have you been wandering around Square One Mall, confident your destination is right around the corner, only to find yourself completely lost? It happens more than we’d like to think and as a result the mall’s interactive maps are usually quite bust. Well, you’ll be glad to know that traversing Square One Mall has become a whole lot easier, thanks to a new partnership between the mall and tech giant, Apple.

Now when you’re wandering around Square One Mall, you can whip out your iPhone and access the Maps app. Normally, you’d just see a birds-eye view of the exterior of the building, but now you can look inside the mall!

The updated map of the mall includes a full directory of shops and directions to help you find your way around. So if you’re at the food court and want to find Sport Chek, Old Navy, or Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, you can click on it on the Maps app and it will guide you how to get there!

This partnership with Apple is a massive step forward for the mall directory because, as great as the interactive maps at Square One are, there’ is nowhere near enough of them on busy days. Hopefully this doesn’t result in everyone walking around with their heads down however, so only use the app when necessary and put the phone away!

The updated map of Square One Mall is available right now on all iPhone’s. You just open the Maps app on your iPhone, and zoom in on Square One to view the innards of the mall and get shopping!