You won’t believe what’s been installed on the roof of Square One Mall in Mississsauga! 

“Beeelive” it or not!  The roof of Mississauga’s iconic Square One mall is now home to four very busy beehives.

Square One has invited its latest “tenants” to set up shop on the roof in order to raise awareness about declining bee populations, said Toni Holley, the mall’s marketing director.

Beekeepers and scientific research have been warning that pesticides, urban development and climate change have all contributed to the decline of bee populations.  And that doesn’t augur well for our environment.

Bees are very important creatures on Earth. They pollinate over 80% of all flowering plants including 70 of the top 100 human food crops. It’s been estimated that one in three bites of food that we eat is derived from plants pollinated by bees.

Each beehive atop of all those 360 fabulous Square One stores have approximately 50,000 bees.  Each one of those bees will travel over a five-kilometre radius, pollinating gardens, parks and woodlands all over Mississauga.

Square One owner Oxford Properties has two of the hives, and Simons department store—one of the mall’s retail tenants— the other two, says Blake Retter, bee director for Alvéole, the urban beekeeping company that installed the bees.

“This is quite nice,” he said, referring to the bees’ new rooftop home. “Rooftops are a great place to install the hives.”

Retter says honey from the beehives will be ready to harvest at the end of August. The honey that’s produced will be sold at the Simons department store.

Mississauga’s Square One is just one of the latest bee-positive corporate social responsibility initiatives that have cropped up around the world, with the London Stock Exchange, New York’s Waldorf Astoria and Edinburgh’s Scottish Parliament all installing their own rooftop hives.

And now we hear that the roof of Mississauga’s City Hall is next to host bees.  The city says that in June 2017, Alveole approached Mayor Bonnie Crombie with the idea to place a honey beehive on the roof of City Hall.

Mississauga’s City Hall is always buzzing and is a beehive of activity anyways, so the bees should feel right at home!