Square One Mall has welcomed a large array of amazing new stores this year, in particular food stores like Eva’s Original Chimney’s and Love Me Sweet Cheesecake, and now it’s also home to an incredible new dessert store.

Nugateau, a dessert shop that creates and sells artisanal eclairs that will blow your mind along with your taste-buds. The new pop-up store has just opened on the second floor of the mall, just above the food court.

Your eye will be caught as you walk past Nugateau by the amazing colours coming from a brilliant white store. The counter is filled with eclairs of all colours, tastes, and appealing to a multitude of people.

Indeed the Toronto-based store has wowed customers with it’s incredible ingredients that come together to form a delicious eclair that will widen your eyes in delight and surprise. The flavours of the artisan eclairs are wide-ranging and surprising, for example rosabelle, vanilla pecan, lemon meringue, black forest, Snowbelle, cookies and milk, matcha jasmine and L’eclair Noir—a charcoal-coloured pastry that tastes much better than it looks.

If you’re in the mall doing some Christmas shopping, and let’s face it you will be, you have to stop by Nugateau and try one of the incredible eclairs that will blow your mind!