As you’re likely very aware, Square One’s very long-awaited westward expansion finally opened. That means the giant new Indigo book store, the incredible Rec Room restaurant/entertainment complex, and then came The Food District.

The Food District is, essentially, a big new food court. However it’s not quite like the other food court, it’s a little more artisinal;

Welcome to The Food District. We don’t believe in boundaries. Our hunger for new experiences will never be satisfied. We may keep our traditions close but our palate is global. We’re not held to one distinct identity. We’re made up of many different flavours and we’re not afraid to show them off. We’re unapologetic about being different, because we believe being different is refreshing. When it comes to food, we’re all in.

The District offers everything from fresh meat to ready-made pies, baked goods to BBQ, European bread to gourmet chocolate, fresh fruit to organic coffee. Here is a full list of the stores within the District:

As mentioned, The Food District is a far cry from the other food court in Square One; it’s very clean, brightly lit, but there is a lack of seating options considering it’s supposed to be a “social hub”. All of the businesses are great and the service is exceptional. It makes for a fantastic addition to Square One and provides something vastly different for the mall. We’ve included a gallery below that showcases most stores.

The Food District is excellent albeit with some room for improvement. It’s incredible popular right now, so expect to have to bustle your way around to get your hands on some delightful artisinal foods. Don’t worry though, it’s worth it.