Seattle’s finest coffee has finally made it’s way to Erin Mills Town Centre!

The Erin Mills Town Centre recently underwent a pretty major renovation, costing a hundred million dollars, and as a result the new mall is looking great and attracting all kinds of new business. Just check out the incredible picture below to see the new digs.

Starbucks is a welcome, if not overdue, addition to Erin Mills’ fast-growing store index. Granted, there is another Starbucks not too far away, within an Indigo!, but this is a more significant store. The cafe just opened its doors recently and is already packed-out on a daily basis. Thankfully, the quality barista’s operate within a sizeable space.

The Starbucks within the Town Centre comes equipped with all the drinks you’re accustomed to, as well as the secret menu items like the wacky Unicorn Frappuccino. The store is likely to give all other coffee stores some serious competition this winter.

Starbucks in Erin Mills opens just in time for you to stop-in while shopping for Christmas and grab a coffee, hot chocolate, or eggnog latte!