Streetsville has a long history with many first’s not only in the village itself but in what was the Toronto Township and Peel County. If you are living in Streetsville now or was born here you will know some of the history or maybe all of it. But for those of us who came here many years ago and now call Streetsville home it’s history is amazing and filled with so many stories of early beginnings and the wonderful pioneers that built mills, buildings, farms, and left their family history for us to read, learn and enjoy.

The first settler was James Glendinning, he arrived in 1818. It is also recorded that he chopped down the first tree where the village of Streetsville is now. He built his farm along the banks of Mullet Creek and later built a store.

Timothy Street arrived in 1821 and built a grist mill on the Credit River. He also made a brush dam on the river and with the help of two teams of oxen hauled two very large rocks from Mullet Creek to the Credit River so he could have power to grind the grain into grist. Later he built a saw mill and the two mills provided the early settlers with flour for bread and lumber for their log cabin floors. He built the first brick house and it is still standing on Mill Street.

In 1821 John Barnhart built the Montreal House. It was home to a trading post and a general store. It was named the Montreal House because many traders came from the port of Montreal to purchase or barter. The Montreal House is still standing today and is a historic landmark in Streetsville.

In 1843 Barnhart’s son Jabez started a newspaper upstairs called the Streetsville Semi-Weekly Register Review and in 1826 the paper became the Streetsville Review. The Streetsville Review was the first weekly newspaper between Toronto and Windsor.

The first doctor was Doctor John Crombie, he began his practice in 1829 and it’s recorded he practice medicine for about 50 years.

The first post office was moved from Derry west to Streetsville in 1828. The first church was the Presbyterian Church and it was a log cabin built in 1819.

The first high school was opened in 1851. The first library began as the Farmers and Mechanics Institute around 1854. The first telephone arrived in the mid 1880’s, Mr Beaty the jeweller was the first Bell telephone agent. It was set up at the back of his store.

The first meeting of the Toronto Township Council was held in Streetsville in 1850. The first music club in Peel County was formed by Rev. R. J. MacGeorge from Trinity Church in 1820.The first Agricultural fair started in 1843.

The first Warden of Peel County was Dr. John Barnhart. The first Reeve of Streetsville was John Street. The Orange Lodge was started by Henry Rutledge in 1822 and the first Mayor of Streetsville was Frank Dowling in 1962. Streetsville has a very long history of first, not just in the village but in what was in the early days known as Toronto Township.

Strong people helped to make Streetsville what it is today as they immigrated here from many places and developed the area and made Streetsville home. Support your local business, share your Streetsville history and lets keep Streetsville a strong village.

Information from the Archives of the Streetsville Historical Society and the Tweedsmuir History of Streetsville