For those who live in Mississauga, the town of Streetsville wasn’t considered to be a burger lover’s paradise. Now in the past this may have been true, however, like the Bob Dylan song the times they are a changin. As Streetsville is slowly developing into a burger foodie’s dream spot.

You heard that right as Streetsville has now welcomed a new burger restaurant addition in the Burger Factory. Which will surely fulfill those burger cravings. To go along with the new kid on the block, is the OG option you may have visited already called the Burger Legend.

So you may be wondering what the purpose of this article is, right? Well, quite simply we’re going to be breaking down the options at these two burger focused restaurants. So if you’re ready, let’s get started.

The OG: Burger Legend 

 Touted as the classic Canadian burger restaurant, you’re likely to see multiple references to true Canadiana here. With an offering that promises to be always fresh (that’s right with everything from the patty to down to the fries, it’s all made fresh) you’ll be able to experience what makes this place so legendary.

 Some of the options you can choose from include the Great One, which is amazingly topped with some Canadian bacon and delicious cheese. If you’re looking to let out your inner carnivore try the Final Shootout. Which is a double cheeseburger topped with some smoked beef bacon.

 Now this may sound strange for a burger restaurant, but the go-to has to be the poutine. The poutine here is unlike any other you may have had. As the cheese curds embrace the true French Canadian roots, offering you a light and airy poutine that will make you feel like you’re on a cloud.

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The New Kid: Burger Factory

 For those who may not have been to a previous Burger Factory location, you’re in for a treat. As you’ll be able to enjoy the CNE experience throughout the year. The one thing that put the Burger Factory on the map is their famous Juicy Lucy. If you haven’t had it is the classic toppings you know and love, but the difference is that the burger patty is generously stuffed with delicious cheddar cheese. 

 Now I did mention that you’d be able to get the CNE experience and that’s because you can get that delicious funnel cake throughout the year. That’s right you’ll get to enjoy a taste of that golden deliciousness that ensures you enjoy comfort in every bite. You can even add some extra chocolate sauce, strawberries and ice cream, if you’re looking to take your funnel cake to a whole nother level.   

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 Hope that this mini breakdown of the current burger friendly options helps you make that all important question “Where do you want to grab a burger”. Just remember that if you want a unique eating experience Streetsville will offer you that rustic old town feel, mixed in with the truly Canadian melting pot culture that you cannot get anywhere else.