To those in the Streetsville area craving a new spin on the sweet treat, we have some great news for you. As the new addition to the Streetsville area, La Diperie (208 Queen St.)  is providing you with the best dipped ice cream you will ever have. That is right we said it! This place takes the classic ice cream and like Key & Peele like to say “brings it to a whole nother level”.

What You Can Expect At La Diperie

La Diperie’s menu is packed full of flavour options that is sure to make Willy Wonka’s factory a little bit jealous. 

Ice Cream

For those looking for ice cream you’re sure to be satisfied. With over 30 different kinds of chocolate such as the classic milk chocolate to your more exotic and adventurous options like the key lime or Ferrero Rocher, you’re sure to find something that piques your fancy. If you’re more of a traditionalist, there is a great selection of hard ice creams you can dig into. 

Plus for those who are looking to get that caffeine fix, the Affogato is what you need to get. The Affogato brings that European twist, mixing a classic soft serve vanilla ice cream with a fresh pot of Nespresso coffee poured over top and finished with Skor bits to make it a truly perfect option.

For those who may not be ice cream fans, this store has you covered. As they offer an amazing selection of gourmet donuts, cupcakes, custom chocolate bars, Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes and so much more. There is so much goodness that we’re going to break it down to make it easier for you.

Gourmet donuts

As this place prides itself on offering some unique chocolate options you’re definitely in for a treat. With some chocolate/caramel options to slather on your donut along with the epic candy mixings you’re definitely indulging your sweet tooth. Plus for those who don’t want to fully commit to the donut, you can go half way with mini donuts.

Cookies/Cookie Dough

If you’ve ever wanted unique cookies you’re tummy will be excited. The process starts with you picking what kinds of cookies you would like, with options including classics like chocolate chip or peanut butter, then as chocolate is at the heart of La Diperie, you can get your cookies dipped in their delectable chocolate options. The cookie dough is also offered with similar customizations, with unique toppings available like activated charcoal or shaved coconut. This is a great option for those looking for vegetarian/vegan alternatives.


For many that are missing the Cheesecake Factory, you’re in luck as La Diperie offers that classic taste you know and love. Along with those great cheesecakes you can also take a bite into some incredible pies and cakes all dipped in their delectable chocolate.

Custom Chocolate Bars

For those looking to unleash your inner Willy Wonka, you’ll get your chance to create your own chocolate bar. The process starts with you picking the base chocolate, whether that is milk, dark or white chocolate. Next, you pick your topping like roasted hazelnuts, almonds, etc. Then the fun part, you get your choice of which chocolate you can dip your creation in.

 What Customers Have To Say

“Customer service and the desserts are amazing! all the workers are so helpful and respectful. I totally recommend this place and I will definitely be back!!”Israa Makhlouf

“Delicious ice cream, definitely will be coming back and so glad we have a new ice cream spot in the area! – Zeena YH

You owe it to yourself to visit this amazing establishment, as it offers a great experience at an affordable price. Only time will tell if this amazing Ice cream shop/dessert stop remains in Streetsville, but you can be certain that your craving for something sweet will be satisfied here.