The night sky in Streetsville was filled with smoke and embers on Friday, March 2, 2018.  The aftermath left ash, charred wood, and twisted metal that still smouldered the following day, as well as many outstanding questions.  The three alarm fire involved over 60 firefighters and 15 trucks at its peak.

While the immense fire has long since been extinguished, questions remain about the cause of the blaze.  Speaking at a briefing to media the following morning, Mississauga Fire Chief, Tim Beckett, said, “By the time the crews got on scene, the fire load was so heavy that we couldn’t do much other than protect the exposures and limit the damage to the building involved.”  The strong winds the night of the fire undoubtedly contributed to the speed with which the structure became engulfed.  Paradoxically, it was the favourable wind direction that also prevented the need to evacuate the seniors’ residence across the street.

Beckett went on further to advise that the process to determine the origin and cause of the fire would proceed once the site had been made safe enough for investigators to gain access to the debris.  Later on Saturday, Clive Hubbard from the Office of the Ontario Fire Marshall said that the building was a, “total loss” and that their investigation would attempt to determine, “where the fire originated within the building and, if we can, come up with some sort of ignition source.”

Since that statement, at a residents’ information session at Credit River Retirement Residence on March 12, 2018, Assistant Fire Chief Mark Orman stated that specific cause of the fire was deemed to be, “undetermined, and that it started on the upper floor.”  Residents expressed thanks to the firefighters for their exemplary work in limiting the extent of the damage.

The construction of the four-storey condominium was well along, with future resident, John Pontoni, saying he’d just received notification that his unit would be available for occupation in October.  Forest Green Homes was co-operating with officials and by the time of writing should have contacted all prospective occupants.