The Streetsville Historical Society raising funds to enclose carriage belonging to William Couse. William Couse was born February 21st 1859 in Bellwood, Wellington County. He had learned the art of bee-keeping from his brother-in-law so when he moved to Streetsville he decided he would set up a beekeeping business.

A few years later he branched into coal, grain and seed. William founded the first seed house in Peel County. His seeds were sold throughout Ontario and Quebec and were shipped worldwide to England, United States and many other countries.

He married Margaret Steen and they had 2 son’s. Both Harold and Alan Couse when they left school entered the seed business as well as beekeeping with their father. William became a well known resident of Streetsville. He was the last charter member of the Ontario Beekeeper’s Association and served as both President and Treasurer. He was Director of the Fruit, Flower and Honey show which became part of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and served on the board of the fair from its inception until his death. Mr. Couse was also President of the Canadian Seed Trade Association and a life member of the Toronto Agricultural Society.

He also served on the board of the Streetsville High School for 40 years. On July 1st, 1940 during the Dominion Day ceremony he donated the steel flagpole and flag to the High School. He also served for many years on the Board of Managers of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church.

Mr. Couse passed away on February 15th 1947 and at that time he was the oldest past master and a life member of the River Park Masonic Lodge and Streetsville’s oldest businessman.

Mr Couse was a prominent member of the community for over 50 years. His funeral service was held at St. Andrews Presbyterian church and he is buried in the Streetsville Cemetery. Many years later, then Mayor Hazel McCallion found the carriage that belonged to Mr.  Couse. They would ride in it to church and many other places. Mayor McCallion purchased the carriage and road it in many parades in Streetsville. She gave it to the Streetsville Historical Society. Many attempts were made to put it somewhere in the Village but there was no land available and so it is kept at Lynda McCallion’s farm. The Streetsville Historical Society would now like to bring it back and have it put on the Pinchin property where the Leslie Log House stands and where the history of Streetsville is kept.

It will cost around $13,000 dollars to have it enclosed. They are accepting donations towards this and because they are a registered charity they give you a receipt.

Should you wish to make a donation please contact our treasurer Margaret Chapman at 289-997-1966 or come to the Leslie Log House at 4415 Mississauga Road. Should you wish to become a member contact Margaret Chapman at the above phone number They are at the Leslie Log House Wednesday and Sunday from 1 pm till 4pm. They take Debit, Visa and Master Card and you  are welcome to join us at 2:30pm  for a coffee or tea.

The Streetsville Historical Society is celebrating 50 years of collecting and preserving the history of the Village of Streetsville.