Streetsville Library at 112 Queen St. S., celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Residents, library staff and City officials joined in the celebration that included a cake cutting and family-friendly activities for all ages. The event was part of a full year of City programs planned in recognition of Canada’s 150 Anniversary.


-Streetsville has always had a library for its residents

-The first location for the library in Streetsville was John Embleton’s store on 213 Queen St.

-In 1877, the library was moved to the second floor of Oddfellow’s Hall

-In 1895, it was officially named the Streetsville Public Library

-In 1902, it moved to a new location at 280 Queen St. It stayed there for 65 years until the decision was made to expand the library

-The idea of expanding the library created a dispute with the Streetsville Lawn Bowlers as they would be losing their green space. The Lawn Bowlers won the dispute as they had a 99-year lease that they refused to give up

-The Graydon family who owned the property at 112 Queen St. S., offered to sell it to the Town of Streetsville, for a reasonable amount. The offer was accepted.

-On November 29, 1967 the new library building on 112 Queen St S., was inaugurated and has been the home to the Streetsville Library ever since.

The Streetsville Library is committed to providing services and programs to residents of diverse age groups and backgrounds.